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The South Bank Show

The most respected arts programme in the world is revived on Sky Arts from 27th May on Sky Arts 1 HD

From Broadway to Bow, from the First World War   to female songwriters, The South Bank Show returns to screens this May with a   brand new, exclusive line up, focusing on the works of the greatest living   practitioners across the spectrum of the arts and culture, edited and   presented once again by Melvyn Bragg.

For the first time ever, theatre director Nicholas Hytner will be profiled, alongside a show dedicated to the roots and origins of Grime musicdeep in London’s East End, featuring Dizzee Rascal and Tinchy Strider. The Award-winning Novelist Pat Barker will explore her fascination with the First World War.  Once   again, this is a first ever profile of this fine artist.  A show dedicated to the Male Dancer will examine how that role has developed   within classical ballet over the last century, featuring Mikhail Baryshnikov,specially performed pieces by Carlos Acosta, and from the rich South Bank Show archive, Nureyev.Violinist Nicola Benedetti will  ffer insight into the life of a classical musician, and Joan Armatrading features in a special show on The Female Singer Songwriter.

The show, which was dropped by its terrestrial broadcaster in 2009, has been a lynchpin of arts and culture broadcasting for over thirty three years, exploring the works of some of the finest living artists, musicians, performers and writers.

“It’s just great to be back in business,” comments Melvyn Bragg. “These are among the finest contemporary artists around today. I’m delighted they’ve given our Directors so much time and energy for these programmes.

“The line-up for this series is truly extraordinary, and reflective of how visionary this series continues to be   over thirty years since its first broadcast”, comments James Hunt, director of Sky Arts. “Where else in the world could you go from Carlos Acosta to Dizzee Rascal with such ease? We know our customers love the best arts   quality programming – and there is no better quality than the South Bank   Show. We’re delighted to be working with Melvyn and his team to bring it back to screens.”

The South Bank Show will begin on 27th May, at   10pm on Sky Arts 1 HD, and will be available live and on-demand on Sky   Go.

The South Bank Show line-up

27th May: Nicholas Hytner

Producer: Suzannah Wander

·      Regarded as the best theatre director working today, yet never before profiled in a television documentary before, this programme is a comprehensive look at his   work

·      The show will  offer exclusive access to Hytner as One Man, Two Guvnors prepares to preview to an American audience, and rare access on stage both in New York and at the Olivier Theatre in the National Theatre

3rd June: Pat Barker

Producer: Gillian Greenwood

·      Barker is an  award winning novelist, best known for her novels set in the First World War

·      The show will  look at her obsession with the First World War and at why it continues to exert power and to fascinate writers and readers.  This is the first   profile of one of our most powerful contemporary authors.

10th June: Grime, Bow and How UK Hip Hop Found   Its Voice

Producer: Archie Powell

·      Ten years ago, a genre that has come to be known as Grime emerged from one single estate in   Bow

·      This South Bank Show uses the London Grime scene to explore how music from the UK’s   inner city, that ever changing cocktail of hip-hop, dance, R n B and rock,   finally emerged from the shadow of the USA and found an identity of its own

·      Featuring Dizzee Rascal and Tinchy Stryder and a score of new singer-songwriters   from the nest of talent in the East End of London.

17th June: The Male Dancer

Producer: Jess Adams

·      An exploration of the role of the male dancer has developed within classical ballet over the   last century – how, around the turn of the century, with Diaghilev and the Ballet Russes, choreography began to emerge that treated the male dancer as   an entity in his own right, not just a supporting role to the prima ballerina

·      The film will look the rise of the male ballet dancer as superstar, while asking what it takes to make a great dancer: the sacrifices, the dedication, the passion, the personal tragedy

·      Featuring  Mikhail Baryshnikov and Carlos Acosta and from the archive, Nureyev

24th June: Female Singer Songwriters

Producer: Kate Williams

·      For decades song writing in the music industry has been dominated by men. Recently however, this trend seems to be changing. Increasing numbers of young women are writing their own music, giving powerful performances and achieving   unparalleled success

·      The programme will take a look at three current female singer songwriters at various stages of their careers and combined with The South Bank Show archive explore how they first started out, their song-writing styles and the art of performing.

·      Featuring Bjork, Lucy Rose, Annie Lennox and Joan Armatrading


1st July: Nicola Benedetti

Producer: Christopher Walker

·      At the age of only 24, violin virtuoso Nicola Benedetti has established herself as one of   the most popular British classical music stars.  Born in Scotland but   with Italian ancestry, Nicola rose to prominence after winning the BBC Young   Musician of the Year award in 2004

·      The film will follow Nicola’s hectic schedule over a two month period – back to her roots  in Italy, in Venice and Udine, in rehearsals in England, in recording   studios, on the road in Brazil and doing her outreach work with Scottish   schoolchildren.


·           27th May: Nicholas Hytner

·           3rd June: Pat Barker

·           10th June: Grime, Bow and How UK Hip Hop Found Its Voice

·           17th June: The Male Dancer

·           24th June: Female Singer Songwriters

·           1st July: Nicola Benedetti

The South Bank Show, 10pm, Sky Arts 1 HD and   available live and on-demand via Sky Go

Sky Arts

Sky is the only broadcaster in the UK and Ireland with channels dedicated solely to the arts,   with 48 hours of the best arts content from around the world across Sky Arts   1 and Sky Arts 2 daily.  Recent highlights include the latest season of   the Met Opera, Chekhov Comedy Shorts, a season of brand new plays starring the cream of British comedic talent, Tim Marlow on Sculpture 3D and The South   Bank Sky Arts Awards.

Sky Arts also seeks to connect with culture on the ground; creating and collaborating with the best of the arts in the UK and Ireland to bring new experiences to life. The flagship show, The Book Show, now goes to four literary festivals including Hay and Cheltenham. Sky Arts Creative Wish is part of Sky Arts Ignition   Series which launched in in 2011 to invest in the arts landscape of the UK. The Series will seek to collaborate with six arts organisations over the next three years in the creation of brand new works; Sky Arts Ignition Series: Futures Fund will support five young artists with a bursary of £30,000 each, enabling Sky Arts to back the creation of new works of art as well as nurture emerging talent. Sky Arts also encourages new formats and methods for   accessing opera; beaming the world’s first live opera in 3D to cinemas across the UK and Ireland from ENO.

Returning the South Bank Show to TV reflects Sky’s promise to deliver high-quality, exclusive   content to customers, supported by a commitment to increase investment in   home-grown programming to £600 million by 2014, an increase of more than 50% over three years. Forthcoming original British content includes David Attenborough’s 3D documentary Kingdom of Plants, and new drama and comedy such as Sinbad, Starlings, Hit and Miss and Hunderby.

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