The Royal Ballet Autumn booking period casting

Royal Ballet booking period 1 | Autumn 2011

The casting for booking period one produces some notable debuts.  The headlines are :

Takada debuts in The Sleeping Beauty & The Nutcracker

Kish debuts in Emeralds (Jewels), Requiem, The Sleeping Beauty & The Nutcracker

McRae debuts in Rubies (Jewels)

Polunin debuts in Marguerite and ArmandManon

Nuñez debuts in Requiem

Cuthbertson debuts in Manon (with Polunin) & Requiem

Hamilton debuts in The Nutcracker




20|22 September & 5 October Rojo, Bonelli*, Benjamin, Kish*

24 mat|29|30 September Marquez, Hristov, Galeazzi, Gartside


22/22 September & 5 October Yanowsky, Lamb, McRae*

24 mat|29|30 September Nuñez, Soares


20|22 September | 5 October Cojocaru, Pennefather

24 mat| 29|30 September Nuñez, Soares


Limen/Marguerite and Armand/Requiem

Limen Benjamin, Lamb, Hamilton, Nuñez, Galeazzi, McRae, Underwood, Watson, Maloney, Kay

Marguerite and Armand

8 mat & eve| 17|20 October Rojo, Polunin*

12|14 October Yanowsky*, Bonelli


8 mat| 17|20 October Cuthbertson*, Hamilton* Kish*, Bonelli, tbc

8 eve|12|14 October Benjamin, Nuñez*, Pennefather, Acosta, Cervera

The Sleeping Beauty

22 mat|28 October Takada*, McRae

24 October| 21 November | 17 mat December Nuñez, Soares

31 October|12 mat|22 November Bonelli, Rojo

11 November|8|15 mat December Lamb, Pennefather

14 November|21 eve December Marquez, McRae

25 November|10|15 eve December Cuthbertson, Polunin

1|21 mat December Kobayashi, Kish*


3|17 November Lamb, Pennefather

5 mat|9 eve|26 eve November Nuñez, Kish

8|15 November Cuthbertson*, Polunin*

9 mat|26 mat November Marquez, McRae

The Nutcracker

3|20 mat | 30 December Lamb, Soares

5|13 December| 2 mat January Nuñez, Kish*

7|23 eve December Morera, Bonelli

11 mat|24 mat December Kobayashi*, Hristov

18 mat December Takada*, tbc

23 mat December | 28 mat December Hamilton*, Polunin

28 eve|14 eve|18 January Marquez, McRae

7 eve|11|14 mat January Choe, Polunin

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