The most popular Ballet News photograph of all time

The most popular Ballet News photograph of all time

pregnant ballet dancer

Photograph by Richard Calmes

This photograph, by Richard Calmes, is the most popular image ever to be published on the Ballet News facebook page, so today I wanted to share it with a wider audience.

When I first published the image, it was ‘liked’ by 7,896¬†Ballet News readers¬†and it was shared 1,581 times. At today’s date, the photograph has been liked 11,938 times and shared by 2,440 people.

As with all popular content it tended to polarise opinion, with some readers disliking the fact that the heavily pregnant dancer was on pointe, and others who just loved the concept. Hundreds of comments were received, with the majority marvelling over the beauty of the image and how rare it is to see a pregnant dancer on pointe, with the resulting shift in gravity and balance causing potential complications.

Visual imagery is very important on Ballet News, and although I’ve reported in the past that really exceptional ballet photographers are rarer than hens teeth, when you find a deserving image it deserves to be celebrated.

So, if you’re a fine professional photographer in this field who would like this kind of exposure, please get in touch with details of your portfolio.

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    Antonio Maia commented : Ballet of life, fabulous!