Tamara Rojo’s Fusion Journey

Tamara Rojo’s Fusion Journey

Tamara Rojo in a long red dress

Tamara Rojo, Photograph : Bernardo Doral

Last month, Tamara Rojo performed a World Premiere at the Russian Icons Gala in honour of Anna Pavlova.  Rojo danced Life is a Dream, choreographed by Fei Bo.

At the time I reported, “Tamara Rojo (The Royal Ballet), in a World Premiere by Fei Bo called Life is a Dream, delivered a stark contrast both in terms of her personal style and with the rest of the programme. Dancing opposite a fish bowl (yes, the goldfish was there too), lying on the floor and dressed in a simple (though sparkly) taupe dress, the piece explores how we can relate to the fish’s state of consciousness if we are not fish. It sounds wacky, but Rojo has the most eloquent back, arms and shoulders and uses them all to devastating effect. The pure movements and oriental music (Wu Na) contrive to draw you in and question just what is going on.”

Rojo has filmed Fusion Journey, a show which is part culture and part travel, and “takes six stars of the creative world on a journey of discovery to a location of their choice.”

In an interview I conducted with Rojo, she told me that her best piece of advice was, “work hard, travel, discover new ways..”

Rojo’s challenge for Fusion Journey was to see how she would fare in a completely new dance culture – in this case, Chinese.

Over 10 days Rojo met with Fei Bo in Beijing and immersed herself in Far Eastern dance. Rojo says, “ballet affects everything I do. On a physical level it impacts what I eat and drink, how much I sleep, when I go out. But it also affects how I see the world. When I read a book, watch television, go to the theater, I think to myself: “How can I assimilate that into my art form? How would that be translated on the stage into a ballet?”  This is one of the reasons why the thought of travelling to Beijing was so exciting for me. Classic ballet is based on very particular notions of beauty, much of which is derived from the Greek concept of harmony: Nothing too much or too little, all in perfect proportion, everything in a good relation to everything else.”

There are two more films, following Rojo on her Fusion Journey.  One has already aired (11 April) and one airs tomorrow – Friday 13 April at 9pm BST on CNN International (available on Sky 506, Virgin Media 607, Freesat 207 & Tiscali 506).


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