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Ballet News Reviews | Ballet Spectacular

Ballet News Reviews | Ballet Spectacular Ballet Spectacular. Quite a title to live up to, and the good news is that this book is a delight. Beautifully put together without overloading young readers, this book acts as a guide to all things ballet. Its glossy production is perfect for the lavish photography as you begin […]

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Photograph by Cheryl Angear

The Royal Ballet Almond Beauty Pouch

 The Royal Ballet Almond Beauty Pouch This spring saw the start of an exclusive collaboration between L’OCCITANE and The Royal Ballet with the launch of a limited edition Beauty Pouch, filled with three new Almond products perfect for firming and sculpting your body ahead of summer. Launched in May 2014, The Royal Ballet Almond Beauty Pouch […]

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dancer in high split jump

The Royal Ballet casting | Debuts during Winter 2012/13

The Royal Ballet casting debuts during Winter 2012/13 Following the recently announced company promotions, there are some notable debuts in place during the Winter season at The Royal Ballet, which covers the period between November 2012 and April 2013, so here are the dates and details for your diary.  Public booking opens on 17th October 2012. Please note that listing […]

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ballet dancer in front of red phone boxes

BT ArtBoxes in London

BT ArtBox Just as with the recent Faberge Big Egg Hunt, a new collection is springing up all over London but lacks a ballet theme.  We can’t have that ! The K6, or Red Phone Box to you and I – was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott to commemorate King George V’s Silver Jubilee. We’ve […]

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Sergei Polunin takes on James Dean

Sergei Polunin dances James Dean for Men in Motion With a headline screaming “Sergei Polunin: I’ll give up ballet by 26” in The Guardian last Tuesday, Alex Needham wrote that, “Men in Motion includes the first dance he [Polunin] has ever choreographed, a piece about James Dean.” What happened was, Polunin commissioned his former colleague, Royal Ballet […]

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ballet Halloween cupcake

Cupcakes & Conversation with Jacopo Bellussi, Trainee, Bavarian State Ballet II

Cupcakes & Conversation with Jacopo Bellussi, Trainee, Bavarian State Ballet II What motivates you at 8am on a Monday morning ? I think is the fact that I absolutely love everything about this job, even when you are just rehearsing in a studio you know already that you are preparing something to show to an audience later and that makes […]

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two dancers in arabesque

Royal Ballet Promotions, leavers, joiners

BREAKING BALLET NEWS Sergei Polunin in The Sleeping Beauty Photograph :  Johan Persson Sergei Polunin is promoted to Principal Sergei Polunin and Yuhui Choe in La Bayadere Photograph :  Bill Cooper Johannes Stepanek to First SoloistMelissa Hamilton to SoloistClaire Calvert, Akane Takada, Fernando Montano and Erico Montes to First Artists Nehemiah Kish joins as Principal […]

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