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Ballet Business by Cheryl Angear

The Alchemy of Wellbeing

The Alchemy of Wellbeing alchemy A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. It happens. Balancing life’s often crazy demands, something goes awry and you start to notice a slight niggling pain, a soreness, something slightly out of balance that keeps you awake at night more often than you’d like. Nothing that stops you from going about […]

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ballet books

Ballet News | The Top 5 Ballet Books

Ballet News | The Top 5 ballet reads There are many books, both fiction and non-fiction, where the author has taken classical ballet as their subject.  I’ve reviewed quite a few of them for Ballet News over time, and my choice here represents my absolute must-have reading. It didn’t even take any debate – they are all outstanding […]

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Diarmaid O'Meara @ The Royal Opera House, Photograph : Mo Greig

Late Starter – Diarmaid O’Meara

Diarmaid O’Meara – behind the dancer  Most of the expert dancers you see on stage have been through rigorous, repetitive training to become an elite athlete – because that’s what professional ballet dancers are. ‘Expertise’ is defined in a study (1) in 1993 as ‘the result of intense practice for a minimum of ten years’. The study […]

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