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Darcey at the Winter Palace

Darcey’s Ballerina Heroines

Darcey’s Ballerina Heroines As courtesans, fashion icons, political pawns and international celebrities, the great ballerinas have played a multitude of roles both on and off the stage. They have moved from the courts of kings to stages around the globe, from the highs of public adoration to the lows of injury and scandal. But few […]

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ballet flip flop

Freed Flip Flops

Freed Flip Flops Fun, pink, and perfect for your summer holiday, these pop-out flip flops are just for you! Foam Flip Flop Sandals $12.95 /pair Pink thong-style sandals and two coordinating key rings in fun heart shaped foam heart. 1/2” thick foam. Adult sizes S, M, L.

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Pointe Shoes  Photograph by Cheryl Angear

Ballet Business : Pointe shoes deconstructed

It’s Not Magic; it’s linen & often flour It’s not magic that keeps a ballerina on her toes – it’s a mixture of materials – often burlap, flour, dextrine*, paper, potato starch, rough and smooth leather, coarse linen, satin, papier-mâché, held together with glue of a secret formula. You may have seen dancers strutting about, […]

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