Strictly results – week 4 and the 3rd celebrity leaves the show

Strictly results Photograph : BBC Pictures

So, another Sunday evening and here we are, another celebrity about to be voted off Strictly Come Dancing 2010.  Do you miss Bruce on the results show ? Peter and Erin are currently at the bottom of the judges leaderboard, but did you vote for them and save them ? 

The show kicks off with the Strictly Professionals – the ladies in army togs (with sequins of course); the boys in more traditional army uniform and caps.  The ladies reveal glittery bodysuits with pink trim, long skirts removed by the boys, who eventually lose their caps. Rocking around the clock, the six couples flick and kick their way over the floor in a routine choreographed by Matthew Cutler. Well, the audience and the judges loved it.

Thank goodness Claudia Winkleman had found a dress that suits her – black with sheer sleeves.  Backstage, Gavin Henson admits that he is struggling with the nerves and doesn’t know how to handle them.  This is a big admission from him; I hope someone (maybe Pamela Stephenson ?) takes the time to give him some advice.  Len wants Tina O’Brien to up her game; an end of term drama school performance isn’t enough for him.  Even Kara Tointon isn’t dancing from the heart and some of the judges are not engaging with her. “Bewitching, bothering, and at times bewildering” is how Len summed up the show.

Gavin is the first to be saved, and he’s pleased.  So are Scott, Matt, Tina, Patsy (who does another of her very surprised faces), and the first celebrity in the bottom two is Michelle, with her dance partner Ian (standing in for Brendan Cole this week).

Claudia chats to the celebrities who are saved, and Matt explains that it never gets any easier to dance the routines.  Claudia introduces the Professionals again, with the Argentine Tango.  Evocative, the ladies in purple, red and magenta, snap and twist their legs until the men in black swivel into view behind them.  Flavia, in red, and Vincent Simone have, of course, all eyes on them, as this is their speciality, and they don’t disappoint.

Back with Claudia, Gavin admits that he thought he’d be in the bottom two, and Claudia suggests that next week could be his dance.

Tess announces that Ann, Pamela, Kara, Felicity and Jimi are through to next week, surviving to dance again.  Craig says that Peter and Ann should be in the bottom two, and not Peter.  There is some boo-ing from the audience because Ann is popular, but Craig insists that he is defending the dance element of the competition. 

Neil Diamond sings Midnight Train to Georgia, as we wait for the final announcement on who is to leave the show.

So, Michelle and Ian, despite all their hard work and cameraderie in training this week, and Peter and Erin, haven’t done enough to impress you at home, and find themselves in the bottom two.

Tess announces that Peter is leaving the show; Michelle looks relieved to survive another week.

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Michelle & Ian; Peter & Erin - the results Photograph : BBC Pictures

Peter is surrounded by fellow contestants and pro dancers – he looks sad to be leaving as his professional dance partner Erin looks on.  Peter says he’ll miss the spirit of the competitors.  He’ll be on It Takes Two tomorrow evening, at 6.30pm on BBC2 with Claudia Winkleman.

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Peter Shilton leaves the competition Photograph : BBC Pictures

Peter’s highlights from his Charleston :

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Peter & Erin Photograph : BBC Pictures

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Peter & Erin Photograph : BBC Pictures

Neil Diamond sang Midnight Train to Georgia on the show, accompanied by Kristina Rhianoff and Robin Windsor on the dance floor.

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Neil Diamond Photograph : BBC Pictures

And finally, here are a few more highlights from last night’s show.

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The Rt. Hon Ann Widdecombe Photograph : BBC Pictures

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Kara Tointon Photograph : BBC Pictures

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Gavin & Katya Photograph : BBC Pictures

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Matt & Aliona Photograph : Ballet NEWS

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Kara & Artem Photograph : BBC Pictures

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Pamela & James Photograph : BBC Pictures

Next week, Strictly is a Halloween special !

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