Strictly NEWS – the semi final results and a double elimination

After two consecutive nights of dancing on Strictly in the semi finals, who will make it through to the final and who will be voted out of the show ?  If you’ve resisted searching on the internet to find out already (and the server was struggling to cope last night on one particular site – surely a good enough incentive to make the results show live again, if ever there was one), read on :

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Matt Baker and Aliona Vilani, Kara Tointon and Artem Chigvintsev, Scott Maslen and Natalie Lowe, Gavin Henson and Katya Virshilas, Pamela Stephenson and James Jordan Photograph : BBC Pictures

Three tall black shapes, arms held aloft, herald the Strictly Showdancers, dancing a Paso Doble.  Lots of cape work, black and red spangly costumes – even the ladies in trousers; very matador.

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Bruce Forsyth, Lance Ellington and Ola Jordan Photograph : BBC Pictures

Bruce is back to host the results show – thank goodness !  Tess has another dress, this time a red one with a ruffle just where you don’t need it.

Bruce is going to be singing on the show (he says that Robbie Williams wanted to sing with him) but he’s actually singing with Lance Ellington, one of the singers from the excellent band on the show.

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Ola Jordan, Bruce Forsyth and Lance Ellington Photograph : BBC Pictures

Next up is a reminder of the ballroom bonanza, with the judges mulling over the dances (and the dancers).  Craig says that Pamela has quickstepped her way into the final, and Alesha said that Kara was the belle of the ball for her. Len was disappointed by Scott’s Argentine Tango; Craig points out that Matt’s salsa wasn’t ‘totally a salsa’ and backstage footage of Matt shows him looking pretty upset with the judges comments – though he came back on Saturday night with a great tango.

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Bruce Forsyth and Lance Ellington Photograph : BBC Pictures

The results are in, and the first couple safe and through to the final is Pamela & James – and Pamela is thrilled.  The second couple in the final is Kara & Artem (Artem is on his knees !)

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Take That from Saturday night Photograph : BBC Pictures

Bruce asks Len to explain the showdance for the final.  Len says the showdance is the dance – as many lifts as you like, any music from any era, anything goes.  Just come out and entertain.

Tess talks to Pamela & James and Kara & Artem, who are in the final.  James has been crying, and Billy, Pamela’s husband, has too.  Kara says it is an emotional experience.

Mr Saturday Night, Bruce Forsyth, sings and dances with Lance Ellington.

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Take That on Strictly Photograph : BBC Pictures

Ola Jordan dances the story as Goldilocks.

Tess talks to the three couples who still don’t know whether or not they are through.  Gavin says he always believes in himself and that he’ll be alright.  Hmmmm.  Scott wants to be in the final for Nat, who he says seserves it.  Matt says that he really went for it with his dances, whatever happens.

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Scott Maslen and Natalie Lowe and Gavin Henson and Katya Virshilas Photograph : BBC Pictures

Take That sing Back for Good.  The audience goes wild.

And then it’s time to find out who is the third Strictly finalist for 2010.

The first couple leaving tonight is Gavin & Katya.

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Gavin & Katya leave Strictly Photograph : BBC Pictures

The moment of truth arrives for a second time but after 11 weeks in the competition, Scott & Natalie leave Strictly.

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Scott & Natalie leave Strictly Photograph : BBC Pictures

So Matt & Aliona join Pamela & James and Kara & Artem in the final of Strictly Come Dancing.  Next week, Saturday at 7pm, the finalists will tackle four dances.

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2 Responses to Strictly NEWS – the semi final results and a double elimination

  1. Polly December 14, 2010 at 9:50 pm #

    I have only really been mesmerised by one of this year’s dancers and that is because I think that she moves both gracefully and fluidly. For the first time ever in the history of this programme I think that they have someone who could everntually reach near perfection and that is Kara Tointon. She has some really beautiful movements so good luck to her – I hope that she wins!