Strictly debut for Peter Andre

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The BBC has today announced the debut of singer Peter Andre‘s new single, Defender, on the brand-new series of Strictly Come Dancing, on Saturday 16 October.

Following in the footsteps of Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow, who kicked off the series, Peter will be performing in front of the packed Strictly Come Dancing audience, both in the studio and at home.

Peter Andre said: “I am so honoured to be performing on Strictly Come Dancing – I love the show so much.

“It seems an ideal show for the first performance of my new single, Defender, especially as the video is based around a very complex and testing dance routine. It’ll be great to première it in front of some professional dancers!”


2 Responses to Strictly debut for Peter Andre

  1. Polly October 13, 2010 at 3:19 pm #

    I think it’s about time that they showcased ballet more in both television programmes and sports training. We know that it takes years of both training and an in-built skill to perform it at the most highest and purest levels. There is, or rather should be a more simplified version that could be used for novices to have the chance to embrace ballet at a groundfloor level. This would give so much more back to ballet. It would enhance its popularity and introduce it to new audiences.

    Can you imagine if there was a simple ballet programme that could be used within the Strictly Come Dancing format? A whole new audience of people would be watching and eager to see more …

    Regarding sport – it has long been known that ballet helps support and improve sports that require both speed and stretching and yet how often is it used to improve our sports men and women?

    If only someone out there could come up with a series of ballet movements that could be tackled by the less nimble and pliable we would not only be winning world cups but gathering more medals. It could even be added to things like Playstation Move … endless fun!