Strictly Come Dancing Week 3 | Broadway

Strictly Come Dancing | Broadway Week

Anita Dobson and Robin Windsor Photograph : BBC Pictures

For the first ever Broadway week on Strictly, the show opens with a group black and gold number including all of the celebrities. Tess Daly promises plenty of razzle and dazzle.  Let’s see!


Jason Donovan and Kristina Rihanoff Photograph : BBC Pictures

It’s curtain up!

I bet Nancy wishes she had Holly’s costume, and I don’t know what’s happened to Robin Windsor but hair and make-up have rendered him unrecognisable ! Love that Henry Winkler, the Fonz himself, is with Karen Hardy on the red button tonight.

Holly and her lesser spotted costume are up first. It’s quite something, and she begins the Tango routine in a jail cell. Holly is very sharp in the cell; a little softer on the floor with Artem.  She’s not quite getting into the floor enough, and the Chicago theme tune demands attack and pincer sharp legs.  Still, it’s dramatic.

The judges look as though they are sat in the box office; what will they make of Holly’s dance?  Len says, “be still my beating heart.” He noticed Holly’s wardrobe malfunction, but he said it was a great start and a great dance. Alesha loves Chicago for the intensity, but she felt Holly lost a little of it during the routine.  Silence as tumbleweed rolls through the stage. Bruno loved it, and Craig liked the strong story-telling.  He missed tension and wanted cleaner and sharper finishing lines but said that show got out of the costume scenario beautifully.

They score : 30


Harry Judd Photograph : BBC Pictures

Dan Lobb and Katya have the Viennese Waltz, and they are covering the floor nicely.  Dan has quite a cheesy grin but he looks like he’s leading Katya and they have a beautiful story.  Bruno wanted more drama, with the Queen song Dan didn’t really capture the song at all.  He wanted more love and intensity in the dance.  Craig noticed that Dan doesn’t dance between steps, and that his shoulders kept rising until by the end he had no neck.

They score : 24

Anita Dobson has embraced everything about Strictly, and tonight she has the Jive, to a song from Hairspray. She says she’s going to sell it to the hilt, whatever happens.  First she tackles the stairs at breakneck speed. It’s great fun, andn they have a giant pink handbag. Everyone is on their feet after that pink fury. Bruno wanted Anita to be a little bit more precise and cleaner on the flicks and kicks, and Craig found it alll too loose and technically very messy. 

They score : 27

Alex and James have a beautiful routine, and she is in sparkling lilac.  Craig noticed the simple and uncomplicated routine and wanted a bit more daring, but he did love it.  Len said it was simple, but it was simply beautiful. Alesha said that Alex was the most improved dancer, and Len said he felt like he was watching a magical bird strtching her wings for the first time and taking us all on a wonderful ride.

They score : 32 (4 8’s – much to James’s pleasure)

Rory and Erin dance the Quickstep, and in training Lionel Blair visits them to offer advice. Rory is in top hat and tails, and gives his cane to Lionel (in the audience) and throws off his top hat before launching into hold with Erin. He’s a little bit unsure, and his facial expression needs some work! He’s too heavy in his feet but he catches the cane and they end very well. The audience loved it ! Len said it was the right song, the right style and the right routine, and Rory’s best dance. Bruno called Rory Mr Showbiz, but said “just be careful with the trout pout.” Craig wants a pointed foot in rétiré but it was full of style and panache and he thought they did a brilliant job.

They score : 31


Photograph : BBC Pictures

Lulu and Brendan dance the Rhumba, to Phantom of the Opera. Lulu spins beautifully, but all the smoke obscures her footwork. Brendan puts in a lift…. Overall it’s much, much better.  Lulu remembered the routine and danced it very smoothly. Her black and white dress set the tone perfectly. Alesha said she was elegant.  Bruno was surprised by how lyrical and fluid Lulu was, though she missed a few passages because the choreography was very difficult.  Craig makes the point that the illegal lift will not be tolerated and a discussion ensues! Len said that sometimes you have to break eggs to make an omelette and sometimes you have to break rules to make a routine. 

They score : 26

Nancy and Anton dance the Tango, and there’s quite a battle for control in the studio.  Lipstick red fringing, black stockings and a lot of chair-ography. It’s a lot safer than when Nancy takes to the floor, where she’s floppy and pouty and slightly directionless. She looks pleased, though. Bruno thought she was a temptress and she actaully looked like she could dance. Craig said he didn’t know what Bruno was watching and that she was like “a plodding mule.” Len said it had all the content of a cold sponge.

They score : 20

Audley and Natalie tackle the Quickstep despite his size 17 feet! This should be interesting. Natalie has Audley training in a Bikram Yoga studio where the temperature is over 100 degrees.  They are determined not to be in the bottom two. Too Darn Hot – and though he trips over his own feet because they are moving so quickly, he finishes a fun routine. Craig noticed the timing that was out at the start but it was lighter than he’d anticipated.  Len said that from the waist down he needs to work a bit more but otherwise it was a very good job. Bruno said that given Audley has feet the size of surfboards and he danced the most difficult dance in the ballroom canon, he did very well.

They score : 24

Robbie and Ola dance the Tango, but Robbie has a problem with spinning. He can’t even sit on the tea-cups at the fair.  It’s a little mechanical from Robbie until they are in hold,  and then he looks strong and leading Ola. Give me a man after midnight, is their song.  I’m not sure it suits Robbie this week but the audience are very happy. Len said Robbie came out with great intent but he said that it is hard, and that’s how it is. Bruno starts singing Mamma Mia and Craig loved the assertiveness.

They score : 30

Don’t rain on Russell Grant’s parade, and with Flavia in sunshine gold, there is no chance of that happening! Alesha said that Russell is her guilty pleasure. Bruno loved the blazing sunshine of the Foxtrot and he really enjoyed it. Craig wanted a more masculine approach and Len said Russell was like a “little white cloud floating arcross the floor” and his hero dicky bow was the sunshine. 

They score : 28

Jason Donovan and Kristina take inspiration from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert for their Tango.  Lots of pink feathers. It’s just brilliant, with a little play in front of the judges.  Bruno loved the masculine drive and then as camp as anything.  Craig said “Stupendous”. Len called Jason the midwife because he keeps delivering.  A tango with a twist.

They score : 36

Chelsee Healey and Pasha dance the Cha Cha Cha, and she’s dressed in orange and pink.  The judges pick up on the detail that still needs work, but she sells the dance perfectly.  Alesha said that she was a joy to watch.  Bruno said she was playful.

They score : 30

Harry Judd and Aliona have Grease as their Broadway theme, so will Harry be Danny ? They start in a toy car. Is it Greased Lightning ? It’s very good.  Sharp, showing off Harry’s pecs, plenty of Jive steps – everyone should be happy. Len liked the sharp kicks and flicks and was very impressed. Bruno said it was a very good performance.  Craig said that finally, Harry had arrived.

They score : 33 

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