Strictly Come Dancing week 1 – Friday night

Strictly Come Dancing week 1

Russell Grant

Russell Grant Photograph : BBC Pictures

So, it’s the first live show and half of the celebrities must face the music and dance !

As ever, Tess & Sir Bruce open proceedings with the same routine of dancing towards each other and, err, jokes. Have the last three weeks helped the celebrities shape up for a Cha Cha Cha or a Waltz ?

There is no public voting tonight, but the judges will be, and the scores will be carried forward to next week, when the first couple will be eliminated.

Holly Valance looks nervous as she takes to the floor with Artem as the first couple onto the floor. As last year’s winner, it seems fitting that they are first up.  The Cha Cha Cha is a struggle in training and Artem is hard to please. It’s a confident start; footwork needs some attention but Holly seems secure with the routine which is half the battle. Len says it was close to the best first dance he’s ever seen.  Bruno says that Holly can give plenty of eye candy, but he wants more bite.  Craig mentioned the flexed knees throughout, with lots to work on but “lots of good, actually.”

The judges score : 28, with an 8 from Alesha.

Dan Lobb and Katya have the waltz, and in training there is a bit of a battle. On the ballroom floor, Dan starts off alone, picking up Katya in her floating lemon yellow dress as he twirls. He’s not great at turning, and he is tall, but he makes it to the end.  Len found it a little wooden and lacked musicality, but he liked the hold and footwork. Bruno said that it was technically quite accomplished but he had a look of Adrian Chiles on the sofa at times – a bit gloomy !

The judges score : (I’m anticipating another high one from Alesha) 24 (a 7 from Alesha but a 4 from Craig)

Lulu and Brendan are in unknown territory in training. Lulu beings her Cha Cha Cha on the stairs, and she’s fast.  Too fast and she forgets the routine momentarily, and then again later. It’s not pretty. Alesha wants to thank Lulu for getting the party started, but mentions that she went a bit wrong. Bruno launches into “WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL” but said that the set went down the toilet.  And then it’s Craig turn.  Dull, disaster.  Says that Lulu made it up.  Len says there was plenty of boom bang a bang but no WOW. Bruce makes Lulu is favourite.

The judges score : 17 (a 2 from Craig)

Audley Harrison and Natalie started training very late – they had 3 days instead of 3 weeks like everyone else – because of work commitments. Still, their waltz starts off well.  Audley has size 17 feet and he is a little heavy in them, but he’s strong and Natalie looks secure in his arms. Bruno says that for someone the size of Everest, he was surprisingly light and elegant.  Craig wasn’t happy.  Len found a charm about the routine.

The judges score : 20

Robbie Savage has had over 100 yellow cards in his footballing career, so how will he fare in the training room with Ola ? Ola is a hard taskmaster and needs to be !   Their Cha Cha Cha is fiery but Robbie’s footwork is out of time and very flat. The predicatable ‘Bad Boys’ track doesn’t help; the routine is pretty stompy. Craig found it very Abercrombie and Fitch; too much standing around with Ola dancing around him.  Len agreed, with Ola “wafting around like a wasp at a picnic.”

The judges score : 19

Anita Dobson and Robin have the waltz tonight, and he welcomes Anita to “Robin’s ballroom boot camp.” Bless him, he’s given her L plates!  They start well; Anita has lovely footwork.  She’s very light on her feet and while she might look a little lost on her own, with Robin she’s already looking very assured.  And she does finish on her own.  They both seem ecstatic! Alesha said it was the most sincere dance of the night. Craig thought the whole routine was “gorgeous” but she does need to sort out her head placement. Anita seems quite emotional “it’s the best present anyone’s ever given me.”

The judges score : 28

Russell Grant and Flavia have one chance, and one chance only, according to Flavia.  A giant sparkly shell lights the stage. Oh, and there’s Russell, in a pearl coloured suit, hunched in the middle.  Flavia works as hard as she knows.  It can’t hide the fact that Russell has his mouth open all the way through and isn’t really dancing. Will Bruce even go to Craig ?  Bruno said he couldn’t have been camper if he’d tried.  Craig said it was the birth of something, but definately not Venus!

The judges score : 21

Enjoy the gallery of images below !

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The music this week :

Russell & Flavia – Venus, Bananarama

Holly & Artem – Who’s that Chick, David Guetta featuring Rihanna

Anita & Robin – Three Times a Lady, The Commodores

Audley & Natalie – Angel, Sarah McLachlan

Robbie & Ola – Bad Boys, Alexandra Burke  

Lulu & Brendan – I got the music in me, The Kiki Dee Band

Dan & Katya – Are you lonesome tonight, Elvis

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