Strictly Come Dancing | The results for week 4

Strictly Come Dancing | The results for week 4

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Caro Emerald Photograph : BBC Pictures

The Strictly professional dancers open the show, the ladies in fluro, fluted skirts and great intention.

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Photograph : BBC Pictures

The audience love the routine !

strictly dancers

Photograph : BBC Pictures

And so we are down to business….

Claudia introduces Saturday night’s dance floor drama, and we are whipped through the ups and downs of a Strictly live show.

Tess announces that the first couple safe and through to next week are Chelsee & Pasha, followed by Audley & Natalie, Anita & Robin, Harry & Aliona and Lulu & Brendan.

In the bottom two and in danger are Rory & Erin, while the saved couples chat to Claudia. Please can someone give Claud some sequins and a bit of sparkle ? Shoes are still holding up though !

Caro Emerald sings a jazzy number accompanied by Pasha and Aliona, who have legs on swizzled sticks!

Len’s lens takes a close look at the dances, and heel turns in particular. Alesha wants to talk about Robbie’s gyrating and Craig doesn’t, perhaps, enjoy the film of Anton and Nancy’s Paso dance with the sound turned up, quite as much as Claudia!

Why is there sooooo much filling in this show ?  Long clips of the celebrities heralding the advent of Halloween next week precede what we are actually here for – the results.

Back on the dance floor next week are Russell & Flavia, Holly & Artem, Robbie & Ola, Jason & Kristina and Alex & James, leaving Nancy & Anton in the bottom two.

Photograph : BBC Pictures
Vincent & Flavia treat us to an Argentine Tango – surely a major highlight of the series so far. They are incomparable. It’s leg spaghetti and it’s phenomenal – their standing ovation is so well deserved.
Rory tells Claudia that he’ll miss Strictly, if he goes, like he’d miss a limb. Nancy has been in the bottom two a few times now, and she’s laughing slightly more of the time as they look to the possibility of Halloween week – though Anton thinks they have been scary enough!
And so, Rory is voted off the show and dances his last dance on Strictly.
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