Strictly Come Dancing | The results for Broadway week 3


Sir Bruce Forsyth Photograph : BBC Pictures

Thank goodness for the Strictly Professionals, who give fantastic reasons to tune in to the results show, recorded on the previous evening.

Tonight they launch into a show-starting number before Tess and Claudia give us a taster of what is to come – Susan Boyle – and then we are off on a re-cap of the night before.

Jason Donovan and Kristina Rihannoff in Strictly

Jason & Kristina Photograph : BBC Pictures

Now we begin to find out who will be safe this week.

Tess announces that the first couple through to next week is Audley and Natalie, followed by Alex and James, Rory and Erin, Holly and Artem, Anita and Robin and Robbie and Ola.

In the dangerous bottom two are Dan and Katya, much to Len’s surprise, who doesn’t think that Dan deserves to be in the bottom two.

Claudia sits with the lucky celebrities who are through.  Rory commended the band who played through all the different styles on the show.

The Footloose cast take to the stage with some beautiful barefoot contemporary dancing from the two leads, before the rest of the cast cut Footloose into the famous signature tune. The cast applauds the audience, which is lovely.

Claudia talks details with the judges, with Len’s Lens. Len wants to stick up for Lulu and Brendan, and the illegal lift. Craig talked about Nancy and Anton, defending his position about Nancy’s non-dancing moments. Jason was highlighted by Bruno, who went from camp to macho and back again to great effect. The lens sharpens over Russell Grant’s smiling face and then we’re off to clips of the celebrities squabbling for the camera.

The next couple safely thorough are Lulu and Brendan, along with Harry & Aliona, Jason and Kristina and Russell and Flavia.

So Chelsee and Nancy wait to see who is safe.  The couple in the bottom two is Nancy and Anton.

Susan Boyle takes to the stage with Unchained Melody. Great to see the Strictly dancers accompany the song this week – Flavia and Vincent dance a fluid and moving Rhumba with some high, spinning lifts.

The final vote, between Nancy and Anton and Dan and Katya results in Dan & Katya leaving the show.


The Strictly Professionals Photograph : BBC Pictures

There’s no need to miss a trick on Strictly; if you didn’t catch yesterday’s show, my full report and photos on Strictly’s Broadway night are waiting!

Did you miss week’s 1 and 2 ? Don’t worry; it’s all here on Ballet News. Plus, the launch show and the results shows for weeks 1 and 2.

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