Strictly Come Dancing semi final results

Strictly Come Dancing semi final results

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Aloe Blacc performs 'I Need A Dollar'. Aloe Blacc, Natalie Lowe Photograph : BBC Pictures

Kristina Rihanoff opens the results show in vibrant pink, to Paint it Black, accompanied by two of her professional female colleagues and three of the Strictly pro men, who are dressed in sparkly black. It’s surely the photo of the season !  Captured to make her dress look like beautiful Murano glass.

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Kristina Rihanoff Photograph : BBC Pictures

Tess is dressed in floorlength red sequins, with extra sequins around the neckline, inexplicably, and thank goodness for Claudia in cream satin chiffon, who introduces us to last night’s highlights.

Claudia introduces Aloe Blacc, who Needs a Dollar.  Fortunately he is accompanied by the Strictly dancers this week – Natalie Lowe and Brendan Cole.

Tess announces that the first couple through to the final is Chelsee & Pasha, followed by Harry & Aliona.

Holly Valance, Artem Chigvinstev, James Jordan, Alex Jones

Holly Valance, Artem Chigvinstev, James Jordan, Alex Jones Photograph : BBC Pictures

Claudia chats to a gobsmacked Chelsee, and congratulates both Chelsee and Harry for getting through. And then she introduces 2 world champions – who show just what the showdance is all about ! Gymnastics ? Not much dancing, that’s for sure. A poor choice.

Claudia sits with the judges for Len’s Lens. I honestly don’t know why this segment is still in the show.

The Military Wives, conducted by Gareth Malone sing an extraordinary song based on letters to their loved ones, with Flavia and Vincent dancing a beautiful and romantic Argentine Tango in the foreground.

The first couple leaving tonight are Alex and James.

Holly Valance, Artem Chigvinstev

Holly Valance, Artem Chigvinstev Photograph : BBC Pictures

Alex pays tribute to James, who she says has performed miracles in such a fun way.  They are both emotional.

The Military Wives sing 'Wherever You Are'. Military Wives, Gareth Malone

The Military Wives sing 'Wherever You Are'. Military Wives, Gareth Malone Photograph : BBC Pictures

Holly & Artem are the second couple to leave.  This follows the pattern on the leaderboard as they judges looked over the performances but I can’t help thinking that they’ve made a mistake.  Holly’s dances were both better than Jason’s and I think she was undermarked.  I think that Artem’s choreography is inventive and taking Strictly in a new direction, which is to be applauded.  In leaving the show in the semi-final, we will miss their showdance and best routines of the series.

Holly paid tribute to Artem’s amazing choreography, and Artem says how he is very strict in the training room and how rarely he compliments his partners, which he says he should do more often.  He thanks Holly and again, they both look pretty emotional to be leaving.  I think it’s the wrong decision.

Jason and Kristina are the third couple through.

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2 Responses to Strictly Come Dancing semi final results

  1. Celia December 12, 2011 at 2:00 pm #

    I’m slightly confused by some of the comments in this article. Although Artem is an amazing choreographer, which cannot be doubted, and has created some of the most beautiful dances I have seen this series, I do not agree that Holly’s dances were better than Jason’s, the better dance is not purely about choreography, the dancer has to be good too. I loved watching Holly and Artem perform this series and would have believed it was wrong had they gone any sooner, but by performance and technic this was the right time for them to go. As for the showdance, there may have been a gymnastic element to the movement, but the grace, elegance and control, rather than pure power and spectacle, displayed in that piece blew me away, i thought it was magical.
    I was surprised to see such an uncompromising review by Ballet News, which should encourage the appreciation of all dance styles and champion the celebrities with talent, rather than suggesting that a professionals choreography should overshadow their efforts and end their journey.

  2. Ballet News December 12, 2011 at 3:44 pm #

    @Celia thank you very much for your comment. From a “whole dance” point of view I thought that Holly’s routines were stronger than Jason’s. Jason works extremely hard but he’s not a natural dancer; Holly is technically the better dancer. Jason has sold his dances more – and if you base Strictly on a popularity vote then you would vote for Jason on that basis. Strictly is based on the public vote and Holly failed to connect with the audience for most of her dances except in the final three. I am indeed a champion of great dance – but it must be great. Actually I think the showdance couple are probably amazing if you see them live; on TV I don’t think they were shown off at their best and generally the responses I’ve had about their dance have been less than positive, which is a shame. Do you remember Hannah from the early series ? She engendered a quite different response, I think because her routines, while still acrobatic, had more artistic flair. I report what I see; of course not everyone will agree! I’m sure all Jason fans will disagree with me. With regard to Artem’s choreography, my comments reflect his ability to take the show in a new direction, which he has done with Swan Lake, with the contemporary Charleston and some of their other dances this season. I don’t see any other choreographer in the competition thinking outside the box in that way. I wasn’t suggesting that Artem’s work overshadowed any celebrity; just that it is exceptional and I applaud that and am very sad that it won’t be seen in the final as I believe that Holly and Artem should have been there.