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Ballet News | Strictly Come Dancing – Saturday night, week 2


Anita & Robin dance the Salsa Photograph : BBC Pictures

 So, this is the first week where one celebrity will be going home; voted out by the public.

Great start by Chelsee & Pasha dancing the Salsa.  Bruce called her a swizzle-stick with her fringed trews.  She does well with a very fast routine, though the lift exits are a little clunky and her turns are a little unstable. Len said it was perhaps a bit too full on, but it was great and he loved it. Alesha said Chelsee was “fun, flirty and fearless.” Bruno said her timing was slightly off at times, but that she put everything she had into it.  Craig thought it was a little bit too bouncy.

They score : 29

Edwina and Vincent have the Foxtrot this week, a famously technical and difficult dance. Vincenzo’s cafe is the setting, with a bit of chair-ography. It’s a faltering start for Edwina; she’s heavy in the turns and seems to be tripping over her own feet. Ever the showman, Vincent stands on the cafe table, proferring a red rose. Len said that it could be Edwina’s last supper.  Predictably, Len disliked the messing about at the table and wanted more Foxtrot content. Bruno picked up on the lack of a smooth flow in the dance and Craig found Edwina very hunched and wants a pointed foot on the end of a develope.

They score : 19

Audley surprised everyone last week with his elegance.  How will he fare with the Salsa ? Hmm.  It’s a bit flat-footed and slow, just the things you don’t want if you’re dancing to Michael Jackson’s Don’t Stop till you get enough. He looks happy, but I predict that Craig will be less so. Bruno thought he lost a little bit of the style but the energy was great. Craig mentioned the flat-footedness and ungainly moments but he had some good points – he looked like he was enjoying it and had a groove going, with hip rotation. Len liked his placement.

They score : 23

Alex and James are dressed in electric pink for their Foxtrot. I spy pink feathers….. showgirl feathers.  They are off, with a bit of audience participation and though body contact is not maintained and the turns are a little wobbly, they make a good fist of a very difficult dance.  Will Bruno score them highly after he found Alex in his lap at the end ?  He said that he was pleasantly surprised.  Craig noticed the lack of timing in the spins but said that ballroom suits Alex.  Len says she has improved this week.

They score : 29

The Latin dances don’t suit everyone, and they aren’t as easy as they look. Dan and Katya begin in opposite corners of the dance floor, with Dan handstanding his way to Katya. He doesn’t have any sense of timing and although he can do the lifts, his footwork is either heavy and flat or skippy. Craig wasn’t happy and found some of it unattractive.  Len found some of it a little bit penguin-ish but he thinks that this dance is the one that least suits Dan, in which case he’s got a long way to go. Bruno said it was lumbering and heavy, like Bob the Builder.

They score : 21

Lulu spends a lot of training rehearsals screaming. Brendan and Lulu walk towards a mirror, touch it, and then begin to dance together. Lulu is hanging on to Brendan but she looks as though she’s remembering the routine.  Too much of it is spent messing about with the mirror though! Len said that tonight she got through the routine but now her feet need work and her posture needs to be stronger, but a great improvement on last week.  Bruno says “mirror mirror on the wall” and tells Lulu that she can improve if she wants to. Craig loved the pivot and the standing spin.

They score (once Lulu has made it up the stairs) : 25

Holly has been finding the Salsa tricky in training. Will she go for it ? Artem is bare-chested and they have great music. It’s not bad, but I think Holly has struggled to be sexy enough for the Salsa. Alesha wants her to just let go, and it would have made a difference.  Bruno wants her to “tune it up, baby, because you’ve got it.” Craig said Holly had great hip rotation and that the whole routine was “really, really good.” Len noticed that Holly was ahead of the music sometimes, and that she was rushing to get through it.

They score : 30

Rory and Erin did very well last week, but he’s not finding the Salsa his natural dance. Assuming the mantle of Sean Connery, Rory is a little hesitant but he has a mega-watt smile and Erin’s flaming skirt to distract from his lack of technical ability. Bruno noticed that Rory went wrong, and lost the flow of the dance. Craig found it heavy and lacking in movement. Len said he had high energy and he gave it a go, even if it wasn’t a natural fit.

They score : 22

Robbie and Ola tackle the Foxtrot this week. With an umbrella. He starts brilliantly, light on his feet and full of musicality. The sparkly umbrella works and they are both over the moon by the end. Len says that the more you give, the more marks you get, and he gave plenty.  Alesha complimented Ola’s choreography and Bruno said that Robbie has teeth like piano keys. Is this relevant ? Craig wants him to sort out his head placement, but the routine was show-biz and he loved it.

They score : 29 (a seven from Craig is accompanied by screaming whoops from Ola)

Anita and Robin (he is in Dalmation spots and Anita’s costume is just mad) start off hesitantly; I don’t think Anita is really working the floor but she gets better and she’s completely in character.  They have such great music, and they have fun. Len spotted the odd faux-pas but otherwise found it fantastic. Alesha is in the mood for cocktails. Bruno said it was a “tropical tutti frutti” and so much fun. Craig said she danced it brilliantly despite going off on the wrong foot once.

They score : 28

Jason and Kristina dance the Foxtrot, still on a high from last week. Still a bit too much “table-talk” but once in hold, they work furiously fast. Very theatrical performance, Kristina in lipstick read and diamonds complimented by Jason’s hat. Bruno said “that was so LA Confidential.”  He loved it, with great acting. Craig wants Jason to pay attention to his head position which is a little stiff, but found the routine “classy and magnificent.” Len found Jason’s footwork “mostly good.” Will he be top of the leaderboard again this week ? Len thinks yes.

They score : 33 (with a nine from Alesha) which puts them top – so far.

Bruce Forsyth turns up with the mint green feather boa ‘constrictor’ from last week, to herald Nancy and Anton’s arrival on the floor. Nancy begins with Craig and Len, on the judges table, but her lift off the table is not elegant and she finds herself on the floor before long.  It’s very stampy. Not so much marvellous mambo as another massive disaster. Bruno said Nancy looked as though she’s had two gallons of champagne today. Craig said it was frantic and frenzied and then stumbled on his own words. Len said Nancy was a game girl who ploughed on regardless. Climbing the stairs, Nancy turned to Anton and asked what she’d done wrong.

They score : 14

Harry and Aliona begin theit Foxtrot very well; he looks as though he’s leading her. The audience are on their feet. Craig said that Harry can dance, but his wrists and thumb need attention and his head is looking down a lot. Len said there was nothing great about it but nothing bad about it.  He has a niggle at Aliona because she said on It Takes Two last week that she doesn’t listen to the judges. Alesha was touched by the romance of the routine. Bruno said that with the right nurturing, Harry will go far and that’s a sentiment echoed by the other judges.

They score : 27

We’ve waited all evening for Russell Grant and Flavia’s Salsa.  Will it be worth the wait ? They’ve rolled down hills in training, and here we have Dancing Queen by ABBA.  Russell certainly can dance and he’s trying really hard. He has giant pink and blue ruffled sleeves which don’t seem to be helping streamline his movements, and he’s not strong enough to lift Flavia, but they have a laugh at the end with a purple feather boa emerging from Flavia’s skirt (nearly).  Everyone is on their feet again. Len said the music was perfect, and that Russell “put the boy in flamboyant.” Bruno said Russell had more glitter and fun than a carnival float.  Craig said it wasn’t without flaws but “a Dancing Queen you were, tonight.”

They score : 25

Nancy and Anton are at the bottom of the leaderboard, with Jason and Kristina at the top.  And the voting begins…..

Tonights music was :

Lulu & Brendan – Break Even, The Script

Holly & Arten – Mas Que Nada, Black Eyed Peas

Rory & Erin – Vehicle, Carlos Oliva

Robbie & Ola – Ain’t that a kick in the head, Robbie Williams

Anita & Robin – Jump in the line, Harry Belafonte

Jason & Kristina – Why don’t you do Right, Julie London

Nancy & Anton – Papa loves Mambo, Perry Lomo

Harry & Aliona – Just the way you are, Bruno Mars

Flavia & Vincent – Dancing Queen, ABBA

Chelsee & Pasha – Higher, Taio Cruz & Kylie Minogue

Edwina & Vincent – Buona Sera, Dean Martin

Audley & Natalie – Don’t stop ’till you get enough, Michael Jackson

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