Strictly Come Dancing | Hollywood Week

Strictly Come Dancing | Hollywood Week 3

Karen Hauer, Nicky Byrne - (C) BBC - Photographer: Guy Levy

Karen Hauer, Nicky Byrne – (C) BBC – Photographer: Guy Levy

On this dramatic night, the Strictly pros launch the action with a sharp and sassy vermillion, black & white routine. Not the most flattering outfit, especially for Kristina, but it’s fast and there are feathers.  Past Strictly winner Kara Tointon & contestant Nancy Dell’Olio are in attendance, and judge Craig Revel-Horwood arrives as The Tin Man, prompting Bruce to sing.

Fern & Artem dance a Charleston to the Mary Poppins theme; lots of syncopated action and great timing, even if it’s a little slow, with Fern doing the splits and putting her umbrella up at the end! Len enjoyed it and was entertained; not quite enough Charleston for him but a lovely start to the show. Bruno said “prim, proper and extremely nice.” A little more punch, to give it more of an impression. Craig wanted more swivel and Fern needs to keep her feet together in plié. He found the whole thing laboured but liked the split. Darcey loved the energy.

They score 23

Victoria and Brendan have the famously slow and tricky Rhumba, and as it’s Hollywood week they dance to Up where we belong from An Officer and a Gentleman. In blue sequins, Victoria is required to melt into Brendan’s uniformed Officer. There’s a wardrobe malfunction or two and her turns still need a lot of work; she’s stiff and wooden and looks lost. By the end, literally scooped up in Brendan’s arms, she looks happy.

Bruno wasn’t keen. Once Victoria got herself into a mangle the routine fizzled out. Craig saw an actress beginning to emerge and loved her straight legs and hip action.  The back attitude drag wasn’t great and he thought the wardrobe malfunction was her fault as she’s not getting enough energy behind her moves to lift the chiffon. Darcey wants Victoria to work on her splayed hands and gives her a tip to work on in rehearsal. Len thought Victoria was a little unstable but did really well.

They score 22

Michael and Natalie tackle The Full Monty as their theme for the Cha Cha Cha. Michael doesn’t have much to do for a while; Natalie is furiously frothing her skirts around him. It’s all rather clunky; there is improvement from last week but it’s hardly Hot Stuff. Craig said “hot it was not” and the timing issues and awkwardness wasn’t working for him. Darcey was happier this week and said Michael gave his all. Len liked the hip action and straight legs and Bruno was bitterly disappointed. He wants Michael to listen to the music; he doesn’t want “the full manic.”

They score 19

Jerry and Anton dance the Quickstep to The Graduate theme. Jerry starts behind a screen and emerges in flame red to launch into Anton’s arms. Posture is still far too vertical; it doesn’t look as though she’s worked on that at all since last week. Jerry looks heavy and laboured and she’s clawing onto Anton, until they end up back behind the screen and onto the bed. Darcey liked the storytelling but thought Jerry faded at the end, losing concentration. Len wasn’t keen on the routine or posture. Craig would have preferred the whole routine behind the screen.

They score 18

The Strictly Come Dancing professional dancers  - (C) BBC - Photographer: Guy Levy

The Strictly Come Dancing professional dancers – (C) BBC – Photographer: Guy Levy

Sid and Ola dance the Tango and Rock of Ages is their theme. Dressed like a pirate rather than a rock star, Sid has much work to do if he’s to compete with Ola’s lace catsuit and purple flounces. Quickly losing the guitar they take up hold and it’s pretty smooth – not what you want in the Tango. Len noticed how long it took to get into hold, but he wanted more aggression and staccato. Bruno wasn’t sure, it was a lot of head-banging but no Tango. Craig found it clompy.

They score 17

Flavia Cacace, Louis Smith - (C) BBC - Photographer: Guy Levy

Flavia Cacace, Louis Smith – (C) BBC – Photographer: Guy Levy

Kimberly and Pasha dance the Quickstep to a song from Summer Stock. Geeky Pasha abandons The Strictly Times in favour of dancing with red skirted Kimberley who looks radiantly happy, in perfect time with the tune. They end up back on the bench together, and everyone is on their feet. Bruno says “beauty, light, glamour.” Darcey loved Kimberley’s attack and light steps and said she’s always a pleasure to watch. Len liked it, but Kimberley’s right arm is too straight, she’s getting too far over Pasha and that needs work.

They score 29

Denise and James have Toy Story as their theme, and dance the Foxtrot. A cuddly toy next to a toy box, Denise slumped on the chair, and James jumps out of the box. Adjusting his hold, Denise floats around the floor with much improved posture. Craig loved the acting and control. Darcey loved the pivots; she wants more of an edge to the performance though. Len said it was excellent and picked up Denise’s much improved posture and footwork. Bruno loved the story and the smoothness of the dance.

They score 32

Colin and Kristina dance the Argentine Tango to a James Bond theme (Goldeneye), which should suit Colin and the theme. The lifts work well, which can’t be said for Kristina’s outfit – two slips of red and black sequins more Jessica Rabbit than club dancer.  It’s dramatic and sharp. Darcey wanted to see a much dirtier spy but loved Colin’s impressive partnering. Len was more shaken than stirred. Take away the lifts and there wasn’t enough AT for Len. Bruno noticed that Kristina threw everything she had at Colin, but he wants Colin to do more dancing. Craig liked the dominance and authority and loved the spectacular lifts.

They score 26

Richard and Erin dance the Quickstep to Nine to Five by Dolly Parton. A giant typewriter above the stage and Richard frantically running around and bashing the keyboard sets the scene. Erin opts for masculine dress and though there are some issues with Richard’s posture, they cover the floor very well and Richard ends up dumping a file into Erin’s lap. Len thought it was bright and lively but a little bit mincey. Bruno liked it and noticed all the improvement and comedy moments.  Craig “didn’t mind it” and liked the nimble footwork. Darcey thought it was Richard’s best dance so far.

They score 25

Dani and Vincent tackle the Wizard of Oz, channelling their inner Dorothy to dance Over the rainbow. Rumours suggest they will have a Toto on the dance floor. Ruby slippers, turquoise sequins and Vincent.  Dani has lovely posture and the dance is elegant and clean.  Dani has tattoos on her calves, and she ends the dance by tapping her heels and …. Toto runs in (or, Betty!). Bruno loved it, saying it was so pretty, flawless, sweet and romantic. Craig loved the routine but Dani is still looking down when she spots, and wants extension on the developpe. Darcey liked the control and wants Dani to keep working hard. Len wants Dani to walk straight down the Yellow Brick Road straight into next week.

They score 29

Lisa and Robin dance the Jive to Hanky Panky from Dick Tracy. Lisa is dressed in black and red lace and sequins, ready to seduce, and with Robin they assault the dance floor. Lisa’s footwork needs to be lighter but her timing is great. Robin looks like he’s doing much more of the work, especially with the leap over Lisa at the end.

Craig got very excited and thought Lisa really sold the number brilliantly. Darcey loved the entertainment but missed the spring of dance in the jive. Len loved it, not always capturing the technique but definitely the feeling of the jive. Bruno said Lisa gave a good time and he loved watching her.

They score 29

Nicky and Karen dance the Quickstep to The Mask and Nicky has the full facial make-up mask. It takes a while for them to get into hold but once they do it’s very sharp and sophisticated and they look like they really nailed it. Darcey loved the attack but wants a bit less bounce in the shoulders. Len loved it but he wants Nicky to straighten his legs. Bruno said it was a very good quickstep and Nicky was leading with conviction. Craig said that Nicky is starting to win him over and he did an amazing job.

They score 27

Louis and Flavia have perhaps the most difficult dance of the night – a salsa to The Time of My Life from the most iconic dance movie of all time; Dirty Dancing. The lift at the end is one of the hardest in dance. Louis is looking masterful, not quite Patrick Swayze but really a sensation just the same. The lift on the stage is fantastic. Flavia is rocking out the pink dress and that final lift is a sensation. They receive a standing ovation and rightly so. Len wasn’t keen on the actual salsa, but the lifts were great. Bruno loved the iconic moments. Craig thought it was simmering and understated. Darcey loved the emotion between Flavia and Louis but wants him to visit the nightclubs to “free up.”

They score 30


All photographs © BBC Pictures. Strictly, no unauthorised reproduction.

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