The Royal Ballet to premiere new works at “A Dream of Africa” Gala night later this month

Mara Galeazzi
Photo : Viacheslav Samodurov

Following my recent post about the “A Dream of Africa” Gala night later this month, the dancers from The Royal Ballet will be performing :

Mara Galeazzi & Gary Avis – Concerto pas de deux (MacMillan)

The Dream pas de deux (Ashton) (dancers TBA)

Birthday Offering pas de deux (Ashton) (dancers TBA)

Premiere pas de deux by Liam Scarlett (with Emma Maguire + TBA)

Premiere short ballet by Erico Montes

Premiere short ballet by Samantha Raine

A recent pas de trois by Vanessa Fenton set to Mendelssohn’s Song Without Words for cello & piano

Please note that casting is subject to change

Please use the link to my earlier post for booking details and further information about the dancers involved.

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