Nureyev : As Dancer, As Choreographer

Nureyev : As Dancer, As Choreographer

Rudolf Nureyev

Released at the beginning of this month, a boxed set of three discs celebrating the life and career of Rudolf Nureyev. As a dancer, the set includes Don Quixote, recorded in 1972 with The Australian Ballet, which has been digitally remastered. As a choreographer there are two discs; La Bayadère and Romeo & Juliet.

Don Quixote pairs Nureyev with Lucette Aldous as Kitri, with Robert Helpmann as the Don.  This was very much Nureyev’s vision of Cervantes work and was produced in a gigantic Australian aircraft hangar. Nureyev co-directed the produciton as well as choreographing the ballet and dancing in it.

La Bayadère is a fully restored version of Nureyev’s critically acclaimed production for The Paris Opera Ballet. The high definition recording was made in May 1994 at the Palais Garnier, Paris. Laurent Hilaire danced Solor, Isabelle Guérin danced Nikiya and Elizabeth Platel danced Gamzatti.

Recorded at the Opera Bastille on Paris in 1995, Nureyev’s Romeo & Juliet is one of the last productions he choreographed for them. He personally chose the cast, and this was the last time that this particular cast performed the work. Manuel Legris danced Romeo, Monique Loudières danced Juliet.

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