New York City Ballet UK Broadcast Premiere on the BBC

a cinema front, showing ballet

Ellen Bar and Sean Suozzi are thrilled to announce their upcoming UK Broadcast Premiere on the BBC, bringing Jerome Robbins and the New York City Ballet to millions of new viewers for free! There are no details on dates or times yet, but please stay tuned ! 

NY Export: Opus Jazz is now available on iTunes.  It’s $9.99 to buy and $3.99 to rent, so now you can gift it to others easily and watch it on your iPad, your iPhone, and your Apple TV! However, it does not include the documentary by Anna Farrell and Matt Wolf, or any of the special features, so if you want those you should buy the DVD from Factory 25 (US and Canada) or Bel Air Classiques (International).  

Sicne last November, the film has continued to screen theatrically around the world in Oslo, Toronto, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Portland, and Glasgow – and just this week, had its Asia Premiere as part of the Hong Kong Arts Festival coinciding with New York City Ballet‘s tour.  Coming up in March and April, we’re looking forward to screenings in Athens, Greece (March 8th), Helsinki (March 24th), Breda, The Netherlands (March 24th-27th), San Francisco (March 25th), and Hunter College in New York City (March 22nd).  Details on screenings in Copenhagen and Memphis are soon to come.  The Africa Premiere will be in Johannesburg, South Africa in March, with a 10-week run at The Bioscope Cinema, at which time the film will have reached every continent except Antarctica!  For details and links to these screenings, please visit the Screenings page and if you know people in those cities, please spread the word! 

Please remember to add NY Export : Opus Jazz to your Netflix Queue whether you already own the movie or not – every add helps!


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