Kings Of The Dance

Kings Of The Dance

Kings of the Dance. Ivan Vasiliev and Marcelo Gomes in KO'd (c)Gene Schiavone

Kings of the Dance. Ivan Vasiliev and Marcelo Gomes in KO’d (c)Gene Schiavone

If you’re heading off to see Kings Of The Dance at the London Coliseum tonight, here’s a photo to capture the flavour of the evening.

The current KINGS OF THE DANCE line-up showcases the incomparable Roberto Bolle from Teatro alla Scala, American Ballet Theatre’s reigning stars Marcelo Gomes and Ivan Vasiliev, Russia’s brilliant Denis Matvienko of the Mariinsky Ballet and the compelling Leonid Sarafanov of the Mikhailovsky Ballet. These virtuoso performers will dance seven diverse pieces from Roland Petit, Patrick De Bana, Nacho Duato, Marco Goecke, Marcelo Gomes and Massimiliano Volpini.







Music:                                         Enrique Granados

Choreographer:                          Nacho Duato

Set and Costumes:                     Nacho Duato

Lighting Design:                          Brad Fields

Staging:                                       Tony Fabre

Organization & Production:      Carlos Iturrioz – Media Producciones SL (Spain)

© Nacho Duato. All Rights Reserved

First performance:                     1997, American Ballet Theater, New   York

Performed by:                            Leonid Sarafanov, Denis Matvienko, Marcelo Gomes




Le Jeune Homme et la Mort

Music:                                         Johann Sebastian Bach Passacaglia in C Minor, BWV 582

Libretto:                                      Jean Cocteau

Choreography:                           Roland Petit

Staging:                                       Luigi Bonino

Lighting:                                      Jean-Michel Desire

Costumes:                                   Karinska

Set:                                              Georges Wakhevitch Set courtesy of English National Ballet

First performance:                     1946, Les Ballets des Champs-Elysees, Paris

Performed by:                            Ivan Vasiliev (March 19th & 21st March)  

                                                    Roberto Bolle (March 20th & 22nd March)

                                                    Svetlana Lunkina (March 19th – 22nd March)





Music:                                         Piero Salvatori produced by Fausto Dase

Concept and Choreography:     Massimiliano Volpini

Costumes:                                   Roberto Guidi di Bagno made by Sartoria Farani

Co-director:                                Avantgarde Numerique and XCHanges Vfx Design

Visual effects:                             XCHanges VFx

Performed by:                            Roberto Bolle


Morel et Saint-Loup

from Proust ou les Intermittances du Coeur

Music:                                         Gabriel Faure

Choreography:                           Roland Petit

Staging:                                       Luigi Bonino

First performance:                     1974, National Ballet of Marseille

Performed by:                            Denis Matvienko & Marcelo Gomes



Music:                                         Gennady Banshikov

Choreography:                           Leonid Jacobson

Staging:                                       Andrey Ivanov

Performed by:                            Leonid Sarafanov


Labyrinth of Solitude

Music:                                         Tomaso Antonio Vitali, Ciaconne in G Minor for Violin and Piano

Choreography:                           Patrick De Bana

Performed by:                            Ivan Vasiliev



Music:                                         Guillaume Côté, Piano Sonata no. 4 in F# minor

Choreography:                           Marcelo Gomes

Performed by:                            Marcelo Gomes, Roberto Bolle, Denis Matvienko,

                                                    Ivan Vasiliev, Leonid Sarafanov


Programme and Cast Subject to Change

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