English National Ballet | The Nutcracker Principal casting

English National Ballet | The Nutcracker Principal casting


Journey back in time with English National Ballet to a frost-covered, gas-lit London and join Clara, her Nutcracker doll and the magician Drosselmeyer in this traditional, festive tale for all the family.

On an enchanted Christmas Eve, under the heavy boughs of the candlelit tree Clara battles with the Mouse King and falls in love with a handsome stranger. As the air grows colder and snowflakes begin to fall, Clara and her valiant Nutcracker take a hot balloon ride across the frost-dusted London skyline to the glistening Land of Snow where her adventure really begins.

In a world of Edwardian elegance, Nutcracker brings to life the eternally popular Tchaikovsky score featuring the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Waltz of the Flowers.  This classical production is a magical, memorable and unmissable Christmas treat.

Generously supported by Swarovski, the Garfield Weston Foundation and The Nutcracker Appeal donors.

Principal Casting

Liverpool Empire 20.11.13 – Klimentová (Clara), Muntagirov (Nephew) and Souza (Nutcracker) 21.11.13 (Matinee) – Glurdjidze (Clara), Vargas (Nephew) and Atymtayev (Nutcracker) 21.11.13 – Cojocaru (Clara), Muntagirov (Nephew) and Souza (Nutcracker) 22.11.13 – Glurdjidze (Clara), Vargas (Nephew) and Atymtayev (Nutcracker) 23.11.13 – Summerscales (Clara), Forbat (Nephew) and Westwell (Nutcracker) 23.11.13 – Cojocaru (Clara), Muntagirov (Nephew) and Souza (Nutcracker)

London Coliseum 11.12.13 – Klimentová (Clara), Muntagirov (Nephew) and Souza (Nutcracker) 12.12.13 (Matinee) – Glurdjidze (Clara), Vargas (Nephew) and Atymtayev (Nutcracker) 12.12.13 – Cojocaru (Clara), Muntagirov (Nephew) and Souza (Nutcracker) 13.12.13 (Matinee Gala) – Oliveira (Clara), Gruzdyev (Nephew) and Atymtayev (Nutcracker) 13.12.13 – Rojo (Clara), TBC (Nephew) and Westwell (Nutcracker) 14.12.13 (Matinee) – Summerscales (Clara), Forbat (Nephew) and Westwell (Nutcracker) 14.12.13 – Takahashi (Clara), Konvalina (Nephew) and Reimair (Nutcracker)

16.12.13 (Matinee)  – Klimentová (Clara), Muntagirov (Nephew) and Souza (Nutcracker) 16.12.13 – Glurdjidze (Clara), Vargas (Nephew) and Atymtayev (Nutcracker) 17.12.13 (Matinee) – Kase (Clara), Acosta (Nephew) and Young (Nutcracker) 17.12.13 – Rojo (Clara), TBC (Nephew) and Westwell (Nutcracker) 18.12.13 (Matinee) – Costa (Clara), Vargas (Nephew) and Bufala (Nutcracker) 18.12.13 – Oliveira (Clara), Gruzdyev (Nephew) and Atymtayev (Nutcracker)

19.12.13 (Matinee) – Summerscales (Clara), Forbat (Nephew) and Westwell (Nutcracker) 19.12.13 – Klimentová (Clara), Muntagirov (Nephew) and Souza (Nutcracker) 20.12.13 (Matinee) – Glurdjidze (Clara), Vargas (Nephew) and Atymtayev (Nutcracker) 20.12.13 – Takahashi (Clara), Konvalina (Nephew) and Reimair (Nutcracker) 21.12.13 (Matinee) – Kase (Clara), Acosta (Nephew) and Young (Nutcracker) 21.13.13 – Cojocaru (Clara), Muntagirov (Nephew) and Souza (Nutcracker)

23.12.13 (Matinee) – Takahashi (Clara), Konvalina (Nephew) and Reimair (Nutcracker) 23.12.13 – Cojocaru (Clara), Muntagirov (Nephew) and Souza (Nutcracker) 24.12.13 (Matinee)  – Ramirez (Clara), Atymtayev (Nephew) and Saruhashi (Nutcracker) 26.12.13 (Matinee) – Glurdjidze (Clara), Vargas (Nephew) and Atymtayev (Nutcracker) 26.12.13 – Rojo (Clara), TBC (Nephew) and Westwell (Nutcracker)

27.12.13 (Matinee) – Cojocaru (Clara), Muntagirov (Nephew) and Souza (Nutcracker) 27.12.13 – Oliveira (Clara), Gruzdyev (Nephew), and Atymtayev (Nutcracker) 28.12.13 (Matinee) – TBC (Clara), Forbat (Nephew) and Westwell (Nutcracker) 28.12.13 – Kase (Clara), Acosta (Nephew) and Young (Nutcracker) 29.13.13 (Matinee) – Rojo (Clara), TBC (Nephew) and Westwell (Nutcracker)

30.12.13 (Matinee) – Costa (Clara), Vargas (Nephew) and Bufala (Nutcracker) 30.12.13 – Oliveira (Clara), Gruzdyev (Nephew) and Atymtayev (Nutcracker) 31.12.13 (Matinee) – TBC (Clara), Forbat (Nephew) and Westwell (Nutcracker) 2.1.14 (Matinee) – Ramirez (Clara), Atymtayev (Nephew) and Saruhashi (Nutcracker) 2.1.14 – Takahashi (Clara), Konvalina (Nephew) and Reimair (Nutcracker)

3.1.14 (Matinee) – Klimentová (Clara), Muntagirov (Nephew) and Souza (Nutcracker) 3.1.14 – Rojo (Clara), TBC (Nephew) and Westwell (Nutcracker) 4.1.14 (Matinee) – Oliveira (Clara), Gruzdyev (Nephew) and Atymtayev (Nutcracker) 5.1.14 – Takahashi (Clara), Konvalina (Nephew) and Reimair (Nutcracker) 6.1.14 (Matinee) – Glurdjidze (Clara), Vargas (Nephew) and Atymtayev (Nutcracker)


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