Cupcakes & Conversation revisited

Cupcakes & Conversation | looking at the stats

ballet pie chart

How the Cupcakes & Conversation interviews are broken down to date between professional ballet companies worldwide

It’s that time of year when it’s possible to take a bit of time to analyse the business and in particular, today, I wanted to highlight the immensely popular Cupcakes & Conversation interview series, which has been running since 2009.

Looking at the breakdown of how many interviewees have come from each of the professional classical ballet companies around the world, it’s no surprise to see that the largest companies feature most prominently.

But I’d like to know whether there are qualifying ballet companies or dancers who you’d like to see feature on the chart.

Cupcakes & Conversation is a unique interview series set up by Ballet News to showcase professional ballet dancers in classical ballet companies around the world and is designed as a way for the dancers to show themselves as they’d like to be seen.  The series is widely read by professional ballet dancers and everyone else interested in the field.

If you have a recommendation for me – an outstanding classical ballet dancer who you’d like to learn more about, do get in touch. Perhaps you know of a ballet company that hasn’t yet featured on the chart but has excellent classical ballet dancers that you’d like to read about.  Just let me know here.


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