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Ballet Business | Periscope

Ballet Business | Periscope & how to use it noun periscope; plural noun: periscopes an apparatus consisting of a tube attached to a set of mirrors or prisms, by which an observer (typically in a submerged submarine or behind a high obstacle) can see things that are otherwise out of sight. Yes, but that’s not the […]

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Ballet Business | Blogging for Creatives

Ballet Business | Blogging for Creatives Today I’d like to introduce you to Jasmine Star. Star is an internationally renown lifestyle wedding photographer based in LA and Orange County and a successful blogger, mixing helpful, business and personal posts and generally keeping it real. In the Ballet Business series I have written about the importance […]

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Photograph by Cheryl Angear Photography

Ballet Business | The Science Behind Ballet

Ballet Business | The Science Behind Ballet The expert, professional ballet dancers you see on stage today have been through rigorous, deliberate and repetitive training to become elite athletes. They keyword here is expert. ‘Expertise’ is defined in a study (1) as “the result of intense practice for a minimum of ten years.” Any sort of practice won’t do, either. The study […]

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Ballet Business | How to write a press release

Ballet Business | How to write a press release Ballet Business is a series of features tailored to specific goals : understanding how to work with the media, how to get into ballet in the first place and  how to raise funds, to name three. All of these features have the single aim of helping you to raise your […]

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Ballet Business | Fundraising

Ballet Business | the business of fundraising “It’s my dream. There’s nothing else I want to do.”  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that. Dreams are vital and if you’ve got to the stage where you need to be thinking about fundraising – well done! The transition of dream to reality begins […]

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Ballet Business | You are what you eat

Ballet Business | You are what you eat, especially as ballet dancers One issue remains in the headlines after the news was announced that Royal Ballet Principal Tamara Rojo had been appointed Artistic Director at English National Ballet (April 13th 2012) from September this year : eating disorders (ED) in ballet.  A subject rarely discussed openly, […]

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Ballet Business | How to be a media-savvy ballet dancer or student

Ballet Business | How to work with the media In an earlier feature, How to get into ballet, I outlined the early stages of a ballet career and some of the pitfalls you might want to watch out for. As part & parcel of your professional ballet career – a visual art form – photographs of you could (and hopefully, will) end up in the media – here on Ballet […]

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a sample of Benesh Notation

Ballet Business | Dancing on paper

Ballet Business| Dancing on paper | Choreography Central As part of the Ballet News Choreography Central series of in-depth features going backstage to find out who & what brings ballet to life, today’s subject answers the question : how do you write movement, in this case ballet, and what are the practical applications of being able to do so ? What is Benesh Movement Notation (BMN) ? […]

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Steven McRae

Ballet Business | How to get into ballet

How to get into ballet I know what’s going through your mind.  There you are, centre stage.  Spotlight on you.  Only YOU. Cut … The reality is that there is NOTHING glamorous about ballet training and that your chances of ever being seen in that spotlight are tiny. The ballet world If the ballet world were […]

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dancer stands in legwarmers and point shoes

Ballet Business | Ballet apprenticeships

Is a ballet apprenticeship for you ? As a bridge linking graduation to professional company life, an apprenticeship should offer a chance for young dancers to develop performance experience, adapt to company life and touring, and lead to an independent life, learning to work for themselves. At a time when budget cuts mean that substantial savings have to be made […]

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