Bloch Ballet Warm-Up Booties

Bloch Ballet Warm-Up Booties

Today I want to highlight the versatility of Bloch’s warm-up boots, worn by professional dancers and dance students the world over. It’s not only dancers who wear them – they are the warmest slippers you can imagine and perfect for lounging at home in.

Bloch warm up boots in purple blue and red

Bloch Warm-Up boots

I’m often asked what dancers wear in between rehearsals and performances to keep their feet warm, and the answer is usually a Bloch warm-up boot.

They all have black soles but a variety of colours on the topside – blue, purple and red plus grey.  Perhaps one day there will be a pink version ! They are very light and have adjustable straps around the top of the boot and the middle for a perfect fit.  Perhaps you need to put your ballet shoes on underneath – that’s fine.

The boots are extremely warm despite weighing almost nothing and they can last for a long time and are fairly tough – just don’t put them in the tumble dryer !

They come in three sizes as a rule – small (UK 2-4.5), medium (UK 5-7) and large (UK 7.5-10).  You can buy them directly from Bloch or from online dance shop DanceDirect and a number of other ballet wear shops.

You can also purchase on amazon if you find it easier :

Bloch IM009 Warm Up Boots (Apparel)

List Price: £38.12
New From: £34.97 – £38.12
Used from: Out of Stock

Don’t forget the new bright colours, available now

Here is a picture taken back stage at the Royal Albert Hall last year when English National Ballet were performing Swan Lake and one of the dancers relaxes between Acts in Bloch warm up boots.

dancer in Swan Lake tutu backstage

Silvia waits backstage during the Swan Lake intervals, wearing her Bloch warm-up boots

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4 Responses to Bloch Ballet Warm-Up Booties

  1. Sam February 23, 2011 at 10:03 am #

    Those look awesome 🙂

  2. Briana February 23, 2011 at 3:29 pm #

    Agreed! These booties are the best! They’ve been so helpful with my achilles tendonitis, keeping me warm through barre. I usually take them off around battement tendu jetes but if I’m very cold, they can stay on all the way through adagio due to the straps. Balancing in them is a bit challenging due to the soft sole, but I like to think of it as a balance board! 🙂