Ballet News | Your Pointe Shoes

Ballet News | Pointe Shoes

dancer in pointe shoes and legwarmers

Photograph : Bex Singleton

Readers, I need your old pointe shoes. Well, a photo of them…..

I’m working on a feature and I’d like any readers with a used pair of pointe shoes to contact me. I can’t say too much about this top secret¬†story at the moment but once you’ve been in touch I will reply with more details.

As long as they are your pointe shoes, they are worn out,¬†and you’ve worn them fairly recently, and you can take a decent photograph of the pair of them, get in touch over the course of the next fortnight if you can.

Thank you !

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One Response to Ballet News | Your Pointe Shoes

  1. Lauren B October 28, 2012 at 7:14 pm #

    I have worn out pointe shoes that I can photograph. Would you like them with feet in them or just the pointe shoes?