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Water is vital for health

Today I want to focus on H20 – water.  To be a healthy dancer – or just healthy – you need water.  Can’t live without it.  You could live for longer without food than you could without water.  The human body is made from more water than anything else and it’s vital.

It’s commonplace to see people carrying plastic bottles of water – in fact it often seems as though the most essential travel items for commuters are a mobile phone and a bottle of water!  But plastic is toxic and so here I want to list some products that you might want to consider, to improve your health not just by drinking enough water, but by making sure you buy, filter and store it in the safest way too.

ballet waterSo the first item is a simple water bottle.

Not just any water bottle !

This is a 500ml Stainless Steel BPA Free. states “If you buy a stainless steel water bottle such as this, not only will your drinks taste noticeably better, but your health will benefit and you will be helping our planet by reducing plastic waste.”

It’s recommended to hand wash painted bottles for long lasting good looks (mine goes in the dishwasher and it’s fine though).


Once you’re keeping your water in a safe bottle, how about the quality of your water itself ? Have you ever had it tested ?  Not all water filters are the same; some don’t remove hormones, parasites and other toxins found in some water.  Take a look at gravity filters – both portable and fixed. describes the benefits and how they work.

ballet water“Gravity Filters – A portable solution

Lancula’s gravity filters are perfect for when you need a clean, fresh flow of water where drinking water might not be readily available. Simple to use, fully portable and requiring no plumbing, gravity filters are also excellent secondary filters. Gravity filters use ceramic filter cartridges to remove pathogenic bacteria – the main cause of diseases such as cholera, dysentry, bilharzia and typhoid.

So, how does a gravity filter work?

Gravity filters are very simple, freestanding units that consist of two stainless steel containers. The upper section, which is fitted with two or four ceramic filter cartridges, contains the impure water. This water is filtered through the cartridges – removing contaminants – into the lower section of the filter. The filter is fitted with a tap to allow you to access the freshly filtered water.

What gravity filter is right for me?

It all depends on how much water you need to filter, really. The more cartridges, the faster the flow and the quicker water is filtered. Gravity Filters are available with either two or four cartridges. On average, two cartridges will filter 50 litres of water a day and four cartridges will filter 100 litres.

Will my gravity filter come with cartridges?

Yes, Gravity Filters come ready supplied with Sugalite cartridges, which have been designed to remove pathogenic bacteria, organic pollutants such as agricultural pesticides, herbicides and chlorine and dissolved heavy metals including lead, copper, mercury and cadmium. However, if you have concerns about particular contaminants, you can choose alternative filter cartridges.

How often will I need to replace my gravity filter’s cartridges?

We recommend that you replace the cartridges in a gravity filter with two cartridges every six months; gravity filters with four cartridges should be replaced once a year.

ballet waterA fixed gravity filter system is for up to 5 person usage and for combi boiler houses.

The benefits of clean, filtered water go beyond your glass. So, whilst it’s good to know the water you drink is of a consistently high standard, the quality of the water you use for bathing, showering and washing is just as important. In fact, with up to two thirds of harmful exposure to chlorine and other chemicals occurring through daily cleansing routines, it makes sense to ensure every source of water in your house is freshly filtered.

Many of us enjoy a long, steamy shower. However, when chlorine is heated, it vaporises. So if your water has been treated with chlorine, there is the possibility that you could also be inhaling up to 50 times more chlorine than if you had drank a glass of cold, unfiltered tap water.

If you’ve swum in a pool where chlorine and other chemical levels have been imbalanced, you’ll know the irritating, allergy-provoking effect they can have on your eyes, respiratory system, sinuses, skin and hair. And whilst it’s highly unlikely that your shower would be as chlorine or chemical-laden as a swimming pool, over time, it is possible that repetitive exposure will contribute to common complaints such as psoriasis and eczema. Children and those with mature and/or sensitive skin and hair are particularly vulnerable.

Lancula’s whole house filter units have been especially designed to remove chlorine, chemicals and heavy metals from your water supply. The ‘Oasis systems are available in a range of sizes and are installed onto your mains water supply so that every source of water in your house is freshly filtered. Whole house units are available for your own plumber to fit.”

And finally, once you have lovely clean water and are storing it in a stainless steel water bottle, it’s worth considering electrolytes. says, “electroyltes are charged minerals that are balanced with a positively charged mineral and a negatively charged mineral,that make the liquid electrically conductive. they are essential for electrical impulses that allow a muscle to move. Electrolyes are essential for muscle regulation, if electroyltes are out of balance then muscles can cramp and spasm. They also regulate fluid balance (hydration) and pH balance.

INGREDIENTS: Sea mineral concentrates, purified water, potassium chloride

Serving Size 2.5ml 10 Servings per container, to mix with 1 litre of water

  • Magnesium 45 mg
  • Chloride 390 mg
  • Potassium 130 mg
  • Sodium 125 mg
  • Sulphate 20 mg”

The bottles are available in several sizes.  I use the very tiny one when I’m on the move and have the largest size at home to top it up. You can buy them from Amazon, from the Lancula website, from Elete directly or from other sources, whichever suits you best.

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Finally, if you want to know more about your body and how to optimise health, The Body Objective might be a good choice.

The Body Objective: Gives You The Body You Deserve (Paperback)

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