Ballet News | Uniglo & Laura Ashley

Ballet News | Uniglo collaborates with Laura Ashley

ballet t-shirts

Recently launched into Uniglo stores, these vintage inspired, feather-soft t-shirts and vest tops are a must-have. How am I going to weave them into a ballet theme ? I don’t know, and you know what ? I’m not going to try.  They are that good. I think they stand alone as covetable items (and if my search over the last few years has been anything to go by, there hasn’t been anything else quite like them).

ballet -shirtsI’ve been road-testing my favourite designs, and I’ve been delighted with every one of them – in terms of shape, fit, colour, pattern and of course, ‘covetableness’!  Oh yes, it’s important that these t-shirts get noticed and that the compliments rain in!  And they will.  The t-shirts are very, very well made, with strong seams that don’t lose shape as you wash them and a neat little label on the bottom of the side seam to remind you of their provenance.

The colours don’t run, at all, and so far, the t-shirts haven’t faded or shrunk in the wash (and they’ve been worn & washed a lot). If you’re worried about introducing this season’s brights into your life and your retina, these t-shirts allow you to access a range of colours that compliment each other and that’s one of the reasons that they fit so effortlessly into your wardrobe.

Another mahoooosive bonus is that they are a great length – so many t-shirts, especially if they have a great print, desirable brand name or some other valuable embellishment seem to stop before they should, and definitely before your waist.  There’s none of that nonsense with these beautiful t-shirts.

There are so many designs to choose from, all from the Laura Ashley vintage design archives and reproduced by Uniglo under licence.  I didn’t personally have any of these prints adorning my bedroom walls as a teenager but I know lots of you did.  And you’ll love having them back in your life in such a useful way.  Who doesn’t need a really well made, comfortable, reliable and most importantly fun t-shirt ?

ballet t-shirts

As they are Limited Editions, I wouldn’t hang about if you want to nab one or two – and I defy you to stop at two !  I’m not even sure it’s possible. There are so many colourways and incredibly beautiful patterns that it’s very hard to narrow a selection down – and why should you when these garments won’t be around for long. Price-wise they are reasonable, given the design and the amount of cotton fabric in each garment.  Which leads me onto another topic.

ballet t-shirts

I’m not sure who Uniglo’s sizing has been built on, but I’d recommend sizing down if you’re buying online – they come up pretty generously. The size range is S, M, L and XL, but most of the t-shirts are available up to L size.

laura ashley for uniqlo


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