Ballet News | The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt

Ballet News | The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt

faberge eggs balletIf there’s something guaranteed to be irresistable to me, it’s chocolate.  It has the ability to cheer me up, give me energy and make me smile.  I’ve written about the health benefits of eating certain kinds of chocolate, particularly Willie’s Cacao, as well as the ballet-inspired treats from Hotel Chocolat. It’s nearly Easter, which equals chocolate eggs for most people, and because eggs are a universally recognised symbol of new life, the fabulous and fun Fabergé Big Egg Hunt is upon us in London (don’t worry, you can follow the fun on facebook if you are not able to get to London).

Some people (including me) are happy just to snap the eggs and post the photos on Instagram (if you have an iPhone), but there are all sorts of goodies and prizes to be won if you want to get involved – and a record to be broken !

What’s it all about ?  Big eggs (and I do mean big) have been popping up all over London, and for 6 weeks the hunt is on.  The idea is for as many people as possible to discover the eggs and photograph them.

The Big Egg Hunt is a plan hatched by Elephant Family and Action for Children for a record-breaking egg hunt across Central London to raise money for these two egg-cellent causes!

Elephant Family and Action for Children are innovative charities with boundless passion and vision who both like to think big. It’s this shared approach that has brought the two charities together to create The Big Egg Hunt and raise the funds that they both so urgently need. Eggs are a universally recognised symbol of new life, a fresh start and hope for the future – the bedrock of both the charities’ missions.

ballet eggs

Letter Box egg

There are downloadable zone maps if you want to be really organised and find all 209 eggs, and there is a downloadable cheat sheet, but otherwise the aim is to spot the eggs as you walk through London, take a photo on your phone and text the unique keyword that is attached to each egg. Text entries are open from Tuesday 21st February until Tuesday 3rd April. The winner will be chosen at random. Click here for full terms and conditions. Each egg is worth one entry, so the more eggs you find, the more chance you have of winning!

cuckoo egg

cuckoo egg

What do you win ? With hard work comes reward, and for one lucky winner this will be The Diamond Jubilee Egg valued at over £100,000! The grand prize is open to all. Take a look at this video and the golden egg at the centre of the hunt.


lodon ballet

The London Egg

In addition, there’s a roving Where’s Wally? Egg.

All the eggs in The Big Egg Hunt are tricky to find, but even the most diligent of detectives will have trouble finding one in particular: the Where’s Wally? Egg! Just like Wally himself, this egg is always on the move, and can be spotted in the most unlikely of places.

Every few days the Wally Egg will be popping up in a different location across London. To find him you’ll have to crack the clues on the Facebook page. Once you’ve worked out where Wally is, make sure you get down there quickly before he grabs his bobble hat and dashes off somewhere else!

…And remember, the Wally Egg won’t necessarily be in an official egg zone!

Find Wally – win prizes!

With terrific effort comes terrific reward! Finding Wally means double entries into The Diamond Jubilee Egg competition as his keyword is worth two entries rather than the usual one. Every time Wally settles into a new location he’ll have a new keyword too – so set out to find the famous eggsplorer in each spot and get texting to increase your chances of winning.

Upload your Wally photos to Facebook

So you’ve searched high and low using the clues on Facebook and finally found Wally, but what evidence have you got? Share your photos of the Where’s Wally? Egg on the Facebook page and prove the doubters wrong!

Follow Wally on Twitter!

For your chance to win some amazing Where’s Wally? prizes, follow the Big Egg Hunt on Twitter!

Every Wednesday during The Big Egg Hunt keep your eyes peeled for our #WheresWallyWednesday tweets – they’ll give you all the information you need to win a fantastic goody bag!

Where’s Wally? ™ & © Classic Media Distribution Limited. All rights reserved.

The eggs will be auctioned off and you can bid on any of them right now. All proceeds go to the charities : Elephant Family and Action for Children.

Perdita by Bruce Oldfield

Perdita by Bruce Oldfield

The magnificent eggs have been created by leading artists, designers, architects and jewellers, and my favourite is the exqusite Bruce Oldfield egg, called Perdita.  It’s so delicate it’s located inside a building – a very lovely one too ! As you can see, it’s hand-formed lace, and just beautiful. As I wrote just yesterday, lace is big this Spring.

Polar Bear Ballet

Polar Bear Ballet egg

What does this have to do with ballet, you might be asking ? Well, there is one egg – The Polar Bear Ballet egg – which is related to our subject.

There is also a photography competition and the details you’ll need are :

Calling all aspiring photographers and amateur snappers! The Big Egg Hunt, in partnership with the World Photography Organisation, is launching The Big Egg Hunt Photo Competition – a chance for you to show off your eggstraordinary camera skills!

As you know, 200 amazing eggs have been hidden around London’s streets, shops and buildings. Send in your photos and the very best egg photos will go on display at the prestigious World Photo, London – a once in a lifetime prize for anyone with a passion for photography.

What the organisers are looking for – the only criteria for entries is that they must be photos of one of The Big Egg Hunt eggs. Apart from that, it’s up to you! So go on, get creative and come up with something original and fun!

The winner of the competition will receive a top of the range Sony NEX-7K camera and have a print of their photo exhibited at Somerset House during this year’s World Photo, London. Once the exhibition ends they’ll get to keep the print of their photo – and it will be signed by the egg artist from their shot! They’ll also receive two tickets to the 2012 Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition.

The runners up – Nineteen runners up will also have their egg photos exhibited at World Photo, London, receive two tickets and get to keep their print once the exhibition ends. In addition, the best photos of all the eggs will be on a rolling digital display during World Photo, London for everyone to see!

To enter, all you need to do is submit your photos to the World Photography Organisation website. The competition is open to all ages and skill levels, so whether photography is your life, or you just enjoy taking snaps on your phone, we’d love to see your photos!

The 19 runners up and the overall winner will be chosen by a panel of experts, including professional photographers and members of the World Photography Organisation.

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