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Summer Jones | A Discovery Disowned

Last year I featured a film that Summer Jones, choreographer and mathemetician, made with Monica Pelfrey, a ballet dancer with Los Angeles Ballet, called Ballet Continuous.

The pair worked at the famous Salk Institute in San Diego to fuse ballet, maths and architecture.

Now the collaboration has resulted in a new work, A Discovery Disowned, by film-maker Adriene Hughes.

two dancers on stage in The Nutcracker
Monica Pelfrey and Kenta Shimizu in Los Angeles Ballet’s The Nutcracker Photograph : Reed Hutchinson

Monica Pelfrey says, “this video brings out the humanity in artistry in the way that it unites math, movement, space, film, and even poetry. I think it’s easy to overlook an individual (Summer Jones) who does not bring attention to herself but rather to the humanity and humility that she brings out in others. Her quote in the video “I have been here all along” is a haunting reminder that sometimes we give up ourselves to be these perfect dancers. In the end, we’re humans, with sincerity and feeling and meaning, whether we try to have it or not. And according to Summer, that is enough. As her student of over six years, I would like to thank Summer for her ability to bring attention to this through her film. I would like to thank her for reminding the world that ballet is not dead when someone as special as her is around, and that art is more human than elite.”

Watch A Discovery Disowned 

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