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Ballet News | Shutterbug

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Towards the end of last year, I asked Ballet Newsers for help in reaching one of my Ballet News related goals – to buy a very special lens – a Canon EF 70-200mm F/2.8 L IS II USM lens, to be precise. It’s so special because it is one of Canon’s Luxury line, a professional lens made from their best glass.  Best glass = the sharpest, clearest images.

You made a start, but other news has overtaken this goal in the meantime, the donations started to tail off and now it’s time to up the ante and reach that total ! I was bowled over by your lovely messages explaining how much you wanted to help make my dream come true.

ballet photos

My plan is that with this lens, I can publish ever more detailed and engaging photographs here on Ballet News for all of you to enjoy.  The cost of the lens is a considerable investment and that’s why I wanted to ask all of you, if you can, to give something back to Ballet News, however large or small that might be, if you’ve been enjoying the content over the years. After all, it might be free for you but it’s most definitely not free to the person who provides it – me!

I’ve never asked for your help with anything before and I’m not likely to again, and it’s good karma to be generous, right ?

ballet photosOf course, a lens alone does not make a great photographer! I have already invested time and money in this and some time ago I became the (very) proud owner of a sublime (and sublimely expensive) camera.

Ballet News is not entitled to any grants or awards.

I hope you’ll consider donating whatever you can; its fast and easy and PayPal is secure and does all the work for you.

Thank you very much!

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