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The Royal Ballet Yearbook 2012/13

royal ballet yearbookIf you’ve never picked up the Royal Ballet Yearbook you might be wondering what they are and why you might be tempted to read this year’s book. The answer is that it’s a mash-up of two season : looking back over the one just gone and previewing the current season.

Every year The Royal Ballet publishes a preview of the season, a lot of production photographs from the previous season and some extras – this year they include a section on filming ballet and on partnering.

There’s a full listing of all the company dancers, the 2012/13 repertory, exhibitions, company news and a chronology of The Royal Ballet’s history.

The Royal Ballet Yearbook is introduced by Kevin O’Hare, the new Artistic Director who succeeded Monica Mason this season.

The book is larger than average and its glossy pages make it very suitable as a Christmas present. If you’re already a fan of the company then you’ll already know about the book, but I think it’s a lovely introduction for anyone who is toying with the idea of watching the company but isn’t sure what to expect. The many pages of images draw you in and show the reader what the company does, and how.


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