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Straight up : the first thing I need to say is how much I loved the food medic. It’s refreshingly honest with straightforward myth-busting advice that comes from a qualified doctor and personal trainer and it’s easy to take on board. Every recipe looks delicious and comes with gluten free options. Ever considered how food can help improve your skin, hair and nails ? Is sugar the bad guy ? Are all fats bad ? Should carbs be avoided ? All these and more are answered in a balanced, informed style.

Dr Hazel Wallace wants this book to help you rethink your relationship with food, which she does by offering bite-sized nuggets of information about macronutrients and their function in your body. So you get a breakdown on carbs, healthy fats and proteins including how to make a healthy plate. As an example, the food medic suggests that putting together a meal on your plate should look something like this : a palm sized portion of protein, two cupped hands of non starchy fibrous veggies, a clenched fist of carbs and a pinch of fat (for instance, a sprinkle of seeds).

And then there’s the exercise. Dr Wallace loves HIIT training and has put together a pick and mix assortment of exercises and protocols to keep you motivated and moving.

the food medic is beautifully presented, thoughtfully written and fulfils its brief. What more could you ask for ?


The Food Medic: Recipes & Fitness for a Healthier, Happier You (Hardcover)

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