Ballet News Puzzles

a pile of pointe shoes

Photograph by Cheryl Angear Photography

News just in !

I’m regularly asked when the next limited edition of the Ballet News puzzle will be available, and I’m pleased to be able to announce that today is the day. In line with the (2012 and 2014) Christmas Puzzle, the New Year Puzzle and the 2014 Summer Puzzle, today I’m offering the 2017 Summer Puzzle as part of your collection.

The Ballet News Limited Edition jigsaw is a fabulous, unique bespoke wooden jigsaw which is presented in a cloth bag inside a stylish but sturdy box made from recycled material.

This one – made using the image above – is likely to be the most challenging jigsaw puzzle so far, which is why it’s been chosen. As before, only a limited number will be made and once they’re gone – they’re gone! They make fantastic gifts, though you may end up wanting to keep them for yourself!

I’m offering two sizes, and just as with previous puzzles there is a minimum order quantity that I need to hit, to go into production. The first size to hit its target will go into production, though I hope there’s enough interest for both sizes to be produced this summer.

The sizes are :

10 x 7″  £19.00 including UK postage & packing

14 x 10″ £29.00 including UK postage & packing

You can order from anywhere in the world; we will calculate your postage according to where you live.

Below is a form which I’d like you to send through if you’re interested in ordering one or more puzzles. Once we hit the minimum order quantity I’ll email you and at that point you’ll be able to make payment (and if you are outside the UK I will include your postage costs so please put your address in the message section).


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