Ballet News collaborates with Berenice Bercelli

Ballet News collaborates with Berenice Bercelli

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Today I’m really pleased to announce a collaboration that I’ve been working on for a while between Ballet News and Berenice Bercelli, to produce some wonderful Limited Edition collections of newsworthy ballet drawings.

These illustrations will be released periodically as Limited Editions and in line with Ballet News’ ethos, they will be current and will represent the best ballet currently being performed in theatres around the world.

The illustrations are available in several sizes and I’m sure you’ll be delighted to know that there is a fixed international shipping cost.

If you would like to order, please visit the special page that has been developed to facilitate this easily, wherever you are in the world, for more information.

I would draw your attention to the copyright notices both on this website and on Berenice Bercelli’s page. I’m sure you already know that you can’t copy anything from this website and the same applies with these illustrations.

Please don’t delay if you’d like to own one of the current collection of drawings because they are only being produced as Limited Edition Collections.

These are the drawings in the current collection (click on the thumbnails to enlarge) :

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