Ballet Knitteds

Ballet Knitteds

ballet knitters

There’s been a huge, fun trend sweeping the Olympic Park in the last month, with the wonderful Games Makers knitting – either each other or their favourite Olympians. There’s a facebook group, posting photographs of their knitted heros, including the Superhuman Paralympians.

I thought it would be a great opportunity for Ballet Newsers to take up this craze and put our own artistic twist on it.  Here’s how it works.

For all knitters out there, I’d like you to knit your favourite ballet dancer or Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer or one of the judges. You could knit Darcey Bussell if you want to ! I’m not going to put a time limit on the knitting because I know it can take time, and the start of the new school term is just upon us and the end of the summer spawns all manner of commitments. Crack knitters will be able to work quickly – as you can see from the facebook group’s photos, and ideally I’d like to have all the knitted dancers finished by December.

 But if you have time, and the skill, then get those needles clacking!

Once you’ve finished, get in touch with the details of your knitted subject and I’ll tell you where to send your knitted dancer/judge.  They’ll all be gathered together and auctioned off (hopefully in December, just before Christmas) to raise funds for this goal of mine.  Any left over money will be put towards the Trust or Foundation that Ballet News hopes to set up in the near future.

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