Backstage Reporter in rehearsals at The National Ballet of Canada

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Artists of the Ballet in rehearsal for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Photograph : Catherine Chang

Backstage Reporter – Chelsy Meiss goes backstage in rehearsals for Christopher Wheeldon’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for Ballet News

National Ballet of Canada Corps de ballet dancer Chelsy Meiss sends her second behind-the-scenes report on rehearsals for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Everyone knows that behind any great ballet is a great score. The music is such a fundamental part of telling a story and creating an atmosphere and evoking emotion. Joby Talbot’s score for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland complements the ballet and contributes to the story in a beautiful way.  

The music in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was commissioned specifically for the ballet and, although it is completely new, it sounds so familiar! This beautifully reflects how I feel about the ballet because although the choreography is new, the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is well-known as we have all heard it during our childhoods. This ballet, along with Joby’s score, allows the audience to experience something familiar in a new setting.

Something else that is special about this score is that its qualities change to reflect different character personalities and scenarios. For example, the Knave of Hearts has his own theme that plays whenever he appears or whenever Alice thinks of him. During the pas de deux between Alice and the Knave, the music is very luscious and romantic. On the other hand, during the Card dance in Act II, the music is very anxious and fast, reflecting the cards feelings and emotions towards the Queen of Hearts.

I’m a huge fan of the music and I am very excited to hear how the ballet sounds live with a complete orchestra!

Chelsy’s first report was published a short while ago.


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