Backstage at The Royal Ballet part 2

Recently I organised a fashion/photo shoot with Royal Ballet dancer Celisa Diuana, to accompany her pre-season interview which I published last week.  Diuana is a corps de ballet dancer with the company, and once the season starts next month she will be on-stage practically every night.  You can also see her dance White Couples in Les Patineurs on Christmas Eve and on January 4th 2011.  Booking details can be found by following the interview link above.

Ballet NEWS

Celisa Diuana Photograph : Elliott Franks

As part of the process, I used a Flip camcorder to record the behind-the-scenes build up to the final images you see

Ballet NEWS

Celisa Diuana Photograph : Elliott Franks

 with the interview, such as the one you can see on the left.

The first video has already been released, and it has been deliberately un-edited because I wanted to show you the work that goes into producing the final spectacular images.

Likewise, this latest video is raw and un-edited, and shows Celisa preparing to jete.  She did this many times, wearing her Ghost leather jacket (£245, from Ghost boutiques nationwide and online – see previous images for full details) which was pretty warm, and she carried on uncomplainingly until we had the shot. 

I can recommend the Flip camcorders.  They are very easy to use and produce remarkably clear images.  My model is Ultra HD; pretty unforgiving but the dancers can handle it !  The only issue I’ve found so far is that if you are a Windows 7 user, the Flip website doesn’t have any information about compatibility and so far I haven’t been able to upload the Flipshare software (which happens automatically when you connect the camcorder for the first time).  This might not be a problem if you have other video editing software – but the flipshare programme is also very easy to use and you can do basic editing and of course, easily share your videos.  I have contacted the company but to date am awaiting a helpful response.

So, without further ado, here is the second video in this series of ‘how it happens’ videos :

The Flip camcorders are available from a number of retailers including Amazon.  If you’re interested to learn more about them, here are the product details :

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